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Comment Moron. (Score 0) 216

The occupy wall street hippies didn't have anything better to do during the day other than sober up from the previous night's pot smoking bashes and then stand in line to get free benefits courtesy the tax payers after sitting around "protesting".

Comment Re:sounds like North Korea news (Score 0, Troll) 109

Why do young people and liberal nuts dis Fox? Is it because they don't like what their parents like in the former and don't want to grow up in the latter? Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, the only difference is that Fox will at least on more occasions tell things as they are regardless whether college kiddies or liberal fanatics understand the content.

Comment Re:Families come first (Score 1) 370

>> I'll go for universities that focus on providing a solid background which will make me employable in the long-run. In the long run you'll be old, focus on what gets you the most now and stick as much of it in the bank as you can, each paycheck. When you're old and rich, I'm only one of those and it ain't rich, you can get as many degrees as fancies your interest.

Comment Re:Can't just turn it off (Score 1) 155

We cut the cable cord over a year ago, we use OTA for all the major networks - free HD; Roku for Netflix, Twitch, AolOn (we like Newsy), YouTube, Smithsonian channels and 3 games we bought. The OTA antenna was about $45 bucks. The Roku $99. One time costs, we now save well over $100 per month we were paying to cable and get better content in many cases and the same in others. I miss the History channel, too bad they are greedy and don't have a Roku channel with all unlocked content paid for by advertising.

Comment Mars is not far... (Score 2) 95

We made it for months on submarines, underwater, day and night...months at a time. We made our own air and water from the ocean. So yes, find the resources along the way and Mars is not far at all. Robots? They will help, they are not the sole answer.

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