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Comment Re:40K is under the H1B min but there are ways (Score 2) 184

They should have to pay more than the market wage for an H1B. That would kill off the abuse of the program fairly quickly.

I'd mod this up if I had points. This is exactly the issue. My proposal: tariff the H1B so the sponsor pays 120% of US landed resource rate and see how many H1Bs are actually required. This isn't about skill. This is about skill at the rate companies think they should have to pay for it and it artificially skews the pay rate downward. I'm all for H1B in its intended form but right now it's an easy ticket to cheap, indentured labor.

Comment Re:Given the prevalence of open seating plans thes (Score 1) 318

This. I am fortunate to still be in a cube with 5' walls but my coworkers and I are on the phone nearly all day and it makes concentration a wreck. I like the interaction I have with my team but it's not necessary. I did a 7 year stint working from home and as long as you have separate space where you can retreat it is doable. The new cube standard here is low walls and I think I'd have to look for another position or request for work from home if that change made its way down the hall. This is the first position in the last 18 years where I haven't had a private office either at the company or at my home office. It definitely lowers my productivity to be within earshot of all these distractions.

Comment Re:I Do (Score 1) 381

This. Some people undervalue their skills and our AC friend is one of those. Senior IT Delivery Managers and IT Managers in O&G here in Houston draw between $90-100/hr on contract. Do us a favor, AC, don't judge my value based on your opinion of your own.

Comment Re:This doesn't add up (Score 2) 83

In most ATMs it is stored in sealed, tamper-proof trays which have a security mechanism that the ATM allows to dispense. When the ATMs are stocked, the courier company simply exchanges cassettes. There are no wrapped stacks of cash visible. So essentially what happens is, the ATM is initially loaded with x amount of cash. When the level drops below a certain level, the courier is dispatched to refill the ATM. They go exchange the cassettes and the pulled cassettes are taken to a secure location where the remaining cash is counted and the totals reconciled with what the ATM says it dispensed. If the totals don't match, they WILL find out why via surveillance tapes and security seals. The secure part of the ATM where the cash is built inside a safe which is alarmed and actively monitored. That is why you see reports of ATM theft. You're less likely to get caught if you steal the entire ATM and take it to a location where you have time and privacy to force entry. Historical fact - before the ATMs moved to Windows XP, nearly all of them ran on OS/2, as recently as 2004.

Comment Re:I can't ever work for IBM again .. (Score 1) 282

The fact that you can't ever work for IBM again is a feature, not a detractor. I spent 11 years there, 5 good ones and 6 bad ones. They're circling the drain anyway. I don't hold out much hope for them - once they finish their 2015 roadmap and hit their $20 EPS target, there will be nothing left but a shell.

Comment Re:Even supporters should want to kill this thing (Score 0) 398

This. A thousand times this. Since the mere passage of Obamacare without any actual introduction of features aside from kids on parents insurance through age 26, premiums have risen annually by double digit percentages, co-pays and prescription drug costs continue to rise while pay remains stagnant and all this happened when the risk pool should be better by having more (presumably young, healthy) people insured. I doubt you'll find anyone arguing against healthcare reform, but this is not the solution. The solution needs to be hammered out in the open instead of a fly-by-night bill that had to be passed before anyone could figure out what was in it.

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