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Comment Oh fun (Score 2) 163

I hope the security is better than I expect it to be. Roving hotspots with mediocre credentials could make for some interesting future problems. If someone comes up with a reliable way to crack the current wireless encryption standards any time in the next 10 years some of these vehicles will still be on the road. At least with an uplink they can theoretically update the firmware, but given the examples of just about every company I've dealt with, especially companies that make "smart" anything, I'd be surprised if that happened.

Comment Re: This stuff makes me feel old (Score 1) 296

True, but as a portion of my payment all those things total just under 20%. Even if taxes went up 20%, and people would be up in arms about that, it's still less than a 4% change in my monthly payment. These BC fluctuations are a whole different ball game.

Comment Re:What!? (Score 2) 255

It's also definitely colored my view on trusting a third-party to continue to maintain services on my behalf that are not locally-hosted on my own equipment. After all, I don't really know when they'll yank the rug out from under me.

This is incredibly important and I wish more people would kind of come to terms with this issue. I remember a while back when a javascript library was changed and broke a bunch of online applications. For a deployed project there is really no reason you should be pulling live from someone else's server/repository. Host it on your own server and periodically snap everything forward after testing that no one you rely on broke something you need. At the same time, make sure you actually DO test and move forward as things are updated, but if your app breaks because someone changed a library then the customer see the egg on your face, not theirs.

Comment Re: This is excellent, excellent, excellent news (Score 4, Insightful) 114

Bullshit. The company that can cure a major cancer type will make money hand over fist for years. Given society's emphasis on short term profits the executives and investors will happily walk away with billions before any patents run out. There will also always be something else to cure especially since almost every cancer is different. if you cure cancer 'a' then someone might live long enough to get cancer type 'b' and pay you again.

Comment Re:Censorship is out, but what about this? (Score 1) 499

It's not just the newer models. There are a lot of older Trump voters forwarding around the same garbage. I'd love to see some sort of "that's bullshit" flagging, but no one would ever trust it from a single source. You'd need at least several competing sites. Maybe facebook could just add those flags w links to external sites about the "fact". Then there's at least a slim chance of impartial flagging?

Comment Re:No, no, no... It was Twitter... (Score 1) 499

The polls were off by a fairly normal amount. People treated a 3-4% majority off he popular vote as an absolute prediction of victory. That's garbage. Polling sucked as much as it often sucks. An error of 2ish% has no consequence if the polls show you 10 point up. If you're only in 3-4% that's a completely different story.

Comment Re: yes they should (Score 2) 1081

I'm completely with you up till the statisticians needing to get new jobs. Silver gave about a 1/3 chance of trump winning. The polls were off by only a couple points and 538 (mostly Silver) pointed out a number of times that the election was still in the normal polling error range. In fact the polls were closer here than in other recent events (brexit for one). I don't know how much clearer he could have been that this wasn't a done deal. It seems like most of the complaints people are leveling at why polling failed were things specifically called out before the election: must model states not just popular vote, states are correlated, polling errors are commonly in the couple point ballpark, etc.

A 1/3 chance is a pretty big chance especially for an outcome that supporters see as such a catastrophe. That's two rounds in a revolver for Russian roulette. Not a good bet.

Comment Re: Interesting (Score 1) 756

Honestly I'd go to a Trump rally just to see the show but I'd never vote for the man. How many people show up isn't a perfect reflection of voting preference. I wouldn't bother going to a Clinton rally because I already know enough about her to know I don't really want to vote for her either. Luckily(?) if my anti-trump vote matters here in South Carolina he's already lost the country in a landslide.

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