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Submission + - Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference (cfp2010.org)

jdp writes: "The 20th annual ACM Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference starts Tuesday at San Jose State University, and as always we've got a lot of Slashdot-friendly topics: net neutrality, privacy and free speech, the history of Cypherpunks, and much more. We're streaming video, and the Twitter backchannell is on #cfpconf. We're also going to be discussing and drafting a Social Network Users' Bill of Rights — see the overview at http://cfpconf.wetpaint.com/page/%23BillOfRights . Please join us!"

NYT's "Games To Avoid" an Ironic, Perfect Gamer Wish List 189

MojoKid writes "From October to December, the advertising departments of a thousand companies exhort children to beg, cajole, and guilt-trip their parents for all manner of inappropriate digital entertainment. As supposedly informed gatekeepers, we sadly earthbound Santas are reduced to scouring the back pages of gaming review sites and magazines, trying to evaluate whether the tot at home is ready for Big Bird's Egg Hunt or Bayonetta. Luckily, The New York Times is here to help. In a recent article provokingly titled 'Ten Games to Cross off Your Child's Gift List,' the NYT names its list of big bads — the video games so foul, so gruesome, so perverse that we'd recommend you buy them immediately — for yourself. Alternatively, if you need gift ideas for the surly, pale teenager in your home whose body contains more plastic then your average d20, this is the newspaper clipping to stuff in your pocket. In other words, if you need a list like this to understand what games to not stuff little Johnny's stocking with this holiday season, you've got larger issues you should concern yourself with. We'd suggest picking up an auto-shotty and taking a few rounds against the horde — it's a wonderful stress relief and you're probably going to need it."

Comment Send a message to President Obama (Score 2, Interesting) 717

Get FISA Right is collecting messages on FISA to give to President Obama. Our "asks" were just presented to Macon Phillips at a National Press Club event, and we're running a new video ad "Congratulations, President Obama, please get FISA right". If you'd like to add your opinion (or see the video), please check out Get FISA Right launches new pro-Constitution video on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, and Comedy Channel on our blog.

Comment The scenarios were from June ... (Score 4, Interesting) 376

The five scenarios were written right around the time Gates retired; TFA is a short six-month update ... One of the things that none of the scenarios discuss is the economic meltdown expected in 2009. Microsoft, with its multiple revenue streams and strong international business, may be better equipped to handle this than a lot of its competitors (e.g. Google is still almost completely dependent on advertising). It's also a great opportunity to refocus the business and turn costs. On the other hand responses like the rumored across-the-board 10% cut would further slow Microsoft's product delivery, and wouldn't do anything to improve the quality of the offerings. We shall see ...

Submission + - National ID card "a disaster in the making"

jdp writes: "Security experts Richard Forno and Bruce Schneier's CNET column describes Real ID as a disaster in the making, highlighting issues including vulnerability to identity theft from unscrupulous employees, flawed technologies, external compromises or human error; the risks of mission creep ("other homeland security initiatives, such as the Patriot Act, have been used and applied — some say abused — for purposes far removed from anything related to homeland security. How can we ensure the same will not happen with Real ID?"), and the important point about how Real ID makes the people who aren't eligible for it — or live in states that have rejected it into second-class citizens. Several of these points were also brought up at Tuesday's Town Hall meeting and webcast, as well as other concerns from DMV directors and employees, transgender people, seniors, and representatives from Gun Owners of America, American Friends Service Comittee, California Commision on the Status of Women, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, CDT, and EFF. A coalition of privacy, civil liberties, and consumer groups have launched a campaign to encourage public comments to DHS before the May 8 deadline. One thing to say for Real ID: it's certanly a unifying issue — at least for the opposition."

Submission + - Real ID DHS Town Hall meeting/webcast on May 1

jdp writes: "As the May 8th deadline for submitting comments on the proposed Real ID implementation to the Department of Homeland Security nears, DHS and the California Department of Motor Vehicles are sponsoring a Town Hall Meeting to seek public feedback at UC Davis on May 1 (10 a.m. — 2 p.m. PDT) — and it's being webcast! We're covering this on the Stop Real ID Now! blog. If you're ready to file comments even before the meeting, EFF, PrivacyActivism, and the ACLU all have instruction pages up."

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