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Comment Re:Obvious question... (Score 2, Insightful) 657

Whether or not you can drive 40 miles is irrelevant -- that's just a function of the size of the battery. The problem is the weakling 50kW generator cannot supply enough continuous current to actually function as an electric vehicle. It's a plugin hybrid with a large battery, nothing more, technologically. Of course for practical purposes, if it's worth an extra $15,000 or so to extend the range of your plugin Prius from 15 to 30 miles, then this information doesn't matter. But given that GM has been boasting the technological superiority of the Voltec platform and that it should be in its own class (extended range electric vehicle), this information matters.

(I'm a former Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Power Management Technical Consultant for a large defense contractor)

Comment Re:Obvious question... (Score 1) 657

Maybe putting in a larger generator that could handle real time charging at 70mph would increase costs...

That's exactly the point -- the way that GM represented the Volt originally, I thought wow this is a bargain, a $40,000 purely electric driven car (e.g. a Tesla with a generator). But now, we learn that it's the same architecture as a Prius, but way more expensive.

Comment Re:Open Notes & Well-Designed Exams (Score 5, Insightful) 870

The design of the exam is not the problem -- if students have networking access to someone inside the exam room (or worse, outside the exam room), no matter how hard you make the exam, you are testing the brainpower of their lifelines, not them. This the 2010 version of "how do I prevent students from whispering to each other during a test", for which there is no straightforward solution short of "no electronics in the exam room".

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