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Submission + - WD Combines 120GB SSD with 1TB Laptop Hard Drive (

Lucas123 writes: WD today released the Black Dual Drive, offers laptop users the ability to have both an SSD and a hard drive through a single interface. The company claims the WD Black Dual Drive is 17 times faster than a traditional hard disk drive and costs about three times less per gigabyte than an SSD. The new drive only works with Windows hardware and will retail for $299. Benchmark testing, however, shows the SSD portion of the drive has less than stellar performance with a maximum read rate of 269MB/s and a write rate of 147MB/s. By comparison, the Samsung 840 EVO has a max read rate of 508MB/s and a write rate of 488MB/s.

Submission + - Canadian Startup to End High Roaming Fees (

An anonymous reader writes: "...Toronto-based startup KnowRoaming, which has just emerged from âoestealth mode.â After 18 months of building its technological solution to the problem â" a circuitry-laden sticker that users pop onto the SIM card inside their phone, essentially âlocalizingâ(TM) it â" the company is now taking pre-orders on a service it says will cut roaming bills by 85 per cent."

Submission + - MIT Develops 'Kinect of the future' (

itwbennett writes: Using radio signals, MIT researchers can pinpoint someone's location — through a wall — with accuracy of +/- 10 centimeters. Fadel Adib, a Ph.D student on the project, said that gaming could be one use for the technology, but that localization is also very important. He said that Wi-Fi localization, or determining someone's position based on Wi-Fi, typically requires the user to hold a transmitter, like a smartphone for example. 'What we're doing here is localization through a wall without requiring you to hold any transmitter or receiver [and] simply by using reflections off a human body,' he said. 'What is impressive is that our accuracy is higher than even state of the art Wi-Fi localization.' (Watch a video of the 'Kinect of the future' project in action.)

Comment It's pretty simple actually (Score 0) 560

"The truth is that if Israel were to put down its arms there would be no more Israel. If the Arabs were to put down their arms there would be no more war." It's true and everyone knows it. If you think it's false you are just lying to yourself. I currently live in Jerusalem and this is the only thing anyone talks about here. We all agree that this is as far from what we want to be doing as possible. We have no problem stopping. "self-defense" or "retaliation" is necessary because sitting idly hasn't accomplished anything. Unless Hamas gets destroyed now there will be no end. Hamas cannot destroy Israel, it's simply physically impossible. But they will never stop shooting a rocket here, shooting a rocket there, because they can get away with it.They just want us dead. We just want to live.

Comment Start getting ahead (Score 2) 335

I'm doing the same thing as you, minus being able to get a job beforehand. What I'm going to do this summer is start learning. There's so much on the internet to learn that you can be way ahead of everyone and make college a lot easier. Of course since you said you have a job programming java, you're clearly ahead of me, but there's always more to learn and it's a great opportunity i you can get your hands on an internship.

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