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Comment Re:Works on regular steam, not just steamOS (Score -1, Offtopic) 93

i would have liked to try their games. but not until they learn how to detect fraud in their accounting department. got 3 charges for the same amount from 3 different European countries, probably more if Capital One had not been on top of it. Steam was still trying to bill new charges after the card was canceled. no i will not be doing business with them for a long time. maybe after they grow up into an adult business.

Comment Re:It doesn't help... (Score 1) 582

who is the ignorant one? taxpayers do not "pay" for the PO. it is a separate entity that operates on it's own. it is controlled through congressional regulations that the repugniantcons have been increasingly making it impossible to keep ahead of expenses. and read your constitution -- postal service is in there.

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