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Comment Re:"Obviously lifted" not so obvious (Score 4, Informative) 493

Except that a truly Microsoft-written ReadBytes method on the .NET Framework can be that simple, for example one int parameter http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.io.binaryreader.readbytes.aspx
So I wouldn't even jump to conclusions based on the signature of the method in question as to who it might have come from.

Comment Re:Decentralized gaming IS the ancient remnant (Score 1) 162

a man who is, frankly, one of the forefathers of modern gaming, [...snip...]. He should stick to coding and leave the design to someone who has some idea of what gamers want.

As a forefather of modern gaming he doesn't know what gamers want? Interesting assertion. I suppose the word design can be used in many contexts but still I wouldn't be so sure he doesn't know what gamers want in any of those contexts.

Comment bad comparison (Score 1) 350

Firefox has now finally surpassed IE6, which is easily the most hated version of Microsoft's browser.

That does not make Firefox look good by comparing it to a 8 year old browser that is really hated. Honestly, that fact works against Firefox IMO. It's like saying Steve Balmer's rep on Slashdot is getting better because he's surpassed Darl McBride's popularity level here.

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