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Comment Re:Yipee? (Score 5, Interesting) 115

So what? There have been Wireless-N products out now for quite a long time. Who gives a flippin' **** about the official approval of the format? It's not like the manufacturers will go back and update the firmware on the older devices. They'll just put out new products, brand them as "Official Wireless-N", and drop support for older equipment which may or not work as well.

One of the requirements to have a pre-n modem branded as 'pre-n' since 2007 is that the firmware would be upgradable to the official N standard when drafted. If anything, this will allow a vendor to release the final firmware upgrade for older devices branded on or around 2007, and get on with life.

We should see at least one more update for older devices.

Comment Re:Ouch! (Score 0) 186

Who the fuck though it would be a good idea to automatically execute the content of a message you have no control over whatsoever?

I would guess that this has more to do with the push features of the phone, including the new 'remote wipe' or 'find my phone' features if you happen to be using MobileMe. I would venture to guess the same functionality was provided to developers of any push application to execute commands for an applicable application.

I would venture to guess that the reason for this would be that SMS messages do not have any code signing, and in order to implement would have pushed out the deadline for Push based responses even further. Apple screwed the pooch by taking the path of least resistance, and gambled that this vulnerability wouldn't have been found for a good time (maybe iPhone OS 4.0).

Pure speculation on my part, but my $0.02.

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