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Comment Sometimes it's not about trust. (Score 1) 146

Sometimes, like when there are competent people under him, the boss just wants to be kept in the loop. I work with a bunch of good people. We get things done and make things happen. If we didn't CC him he'd have no clue what we were up to and he'd be way behind real quick. Sometimes it takes a while to get something done and impatient people ask the boss, "What's taking so long?" He just doesn't want to look like an idiot and say, "Uhhhhhh....I have no idea what you're talking about." Makes him look incompetent. It isn't a matter of trust, it's just about CYA.

Comment Declare "planet" and "moon" non-scientific. (Score 1) 150

"Planet" and "moon" should be declared lay terms with no scientific or technical meaning. All non-stellar bodies are "satellites" which are referenced to their gravitational primary. Earth is a "solar satellite". Phobos is a "Martian satellite". Pluto is a "solar satellite", as is Ceres, Vesta, Jupiter, etc. Dactyl is an "Idanian satellite", which is in turn a "solar satellite". If you just want to get size involved then reference other known quantities. Pluto is a ".177 Lunar mass solar satellite", Jupiter is a "317.8 Earth mass solar satellite".

Comment Re:Sure. (Score 1) 115

I went to the ER once with what was probably a pinched nerve. I was having a pain that, at that time, was the worst pain I'd ever felt in my life. After the ER finally decided I wasn't a drug seeker they gave me a shot of something. I remember laughing out loud and telling my wife that it didn't do a thing for the pain because I could tell it was a bad as it ever was but I just didn't care any more. It was awesome.

Comment Re:Musk always ignores safety (Score 0) 139

Solid and liquid rocket motors are about as different as internal combustion engines and steam engines.

I take your meaning, but you didn't go far enough. Both of those liberate the energy stored in a vaporized liquid to increase pressures in a sealed area to increase the volume of the area by pushing a reciprocating piston attached to a system of connections that output rotational mechanical motion.

How about internal combustion and horses?

Comment Biased data source. (Score 2) 108

Ookla/speedtest.net is used by people on fast connections to see how fast they can push data, not by people on slow connections to see how bad they are, and not by the general public to accumulate representative data. This report would be like going to a drag strip and then claiming that the data shows that the average American car does a 1/4 mile in 8 seconds.

Comment Nobody here wants. (Score 1) 507

But your typical consumer doesn't want to mess with all those other devices. Think Grandpa, who barley manages to run the microwave, wants to mess with a RaspberryPi or string cables around and figure out input switching? No, a smart TV is (when done well) a simple solution for the less technically inclined among us. Which is most people.

Comment Re:Every One (Score 1) 191

In physics and astronomy, worldwide, almost every paper that is published in a journal is also published by the authors on the free preprint server arxiv.org .

I thank you for that tidbit for a couple reasons. I've not yet found that source of free information yet, so that makes me happy. It also helps curb my animosity toward the journals. Knowing that research is [mostly] freely available helps me see the journals not as money grubbing gatekeepers of knowledge but rather as curators of vast amounts of information. Curation is a perfectly legit business I got no beef with and can actually appreciate the value of.

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