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Comment Just wait... (Score 1) 286

Just wait until you no longer respond to your name because every third poster or shop you pass calls out to you directly for your attention. Then, maybe, we'll realize we've erred. "Joey! HURRY! Over here! It's about your daughter, Sheila! ... She would LOVE these shoes!". If that's too far into the near future for you, imagine arming a Carnie with this tool today.

Comment Bring on the discoveries! (Score 1) 1014

I cannot be the only Christian to be a full-fledged scientist, so I wonder why the hullaballoo about the discoveries of science?

Every discovery made is a fascinating broadening of our understanding of this place. I'm intrigued and want to know more, as is my fellow mankind. The "fruit" chosen was from the Tree of Knowledge, after all. The curse we were warned against was loss of naivete, but also carried insatiability. It all fits, at least to me.

Picture yourself as an Egyptian-adopted guy being shown a timelapse of how the Universe and Earth came to be (ala the Genesis project animation in Star Trek) and then explain that to your recently-freed-from-slavery people. You don't expect a little fuzzy allegory?

Regardless, evolution as a driving force for change is completely natural. God uses it all the time. Let's just loosey-goosey some of this, as it's from the hip for me, so I won't bore anyone with Gospel quotes (and I'm not that well-versed), but I hope there's enough sense in the trends.

God let's things "go" in his arena, and then intervenes.

1. Mankind runs amok... until Noah selected out of the mess.
2. Mankind runs amok... until Abraham selected out of the mess.
3. Sodom and Gamorrah runs amok... until Lot selected out of the mess.
4. Mankind runs amok... until Jacob selected out of the mess.
5. Plenty more amoks... plenty of prophets selected out of the messes.
6. More amok... Mary selected out of the mess.

The list goes on and on. If we extend the pattern BACKWARD, what would be wrong with:?
0. Man evolves... until Adam chosen/created.
-1. The planet evolves... until humans develop and progress.
-2. The universe blossoms... until Earth selected/created.
-3. The void exists... until "let there be light" starts the process of Universe generation.

And don't let "6 days" trip things up, either. Think about the sped up Genesis thing that Moses sees and his rational explanation. Plus, if God exists outside of the Universe, adding light, energy, matter, and TIME to a void to start this show, why do people insist on George Burns or Morgan Freeman playing the part? Anthropomorphize all you like, but God is WAAAAY beyond that. Time is quite possibly an outside construct to that entity. Would explain why he reveals the "future". Don't get hung up on time. We haven't got any clues yet about the system OUTSIDE our system.

So, regardless, with each new scientific discovery, I find out more about how God baked this cake. He didn't necessarily tweezer each subatomic particle in place to do so, but he sure set the rules around it to make it happen. Bring on the discoveries! Stop being threatened by them!

Comment Real Danger -- Re:Game of Thrones (Score 1) 373

Love George for that. Lots of other problems (that's just the critical me, it's my favorite fantasy series), but there is much to be said for the real danger of a loved character getting the... umm.. boot. Was going to say another implement, but can't find the spoiler tags...

Now, Catherine fooked that all up, but that's for another rant at another time.

Comment Elbow Grease (Score 1) 146

Use any of the other methods here, or any window cleaner, then get a clean dry cloth and work it. Push hard, polish the glass. Transparency.

This is by far the best way to clean mirrors too, reducing the frequency of using any cleaner at all. Polishing usually does the trick.
At the very least, it'll give some of you a little exercise.
Classic Games (Games)

Pac-Man's Ghost Behavior Algorithms 194

An anonymous reader writes "This article has a very interesting description of the algorithms behind the ghosts in Pac-Man. I had no idea about most of this information, but that's probably because it's difficult to study the ghosts when I die every 30 seconds. Quoting: 'The ghosts are always in one of three possible modes: Chase, Scatter, or Frightened. The "normal" mode with the ghosts pursuing Pac-Man is Chase, and this is the one that they spend most of their time in. While in Chase mode, all of the ghosts use Pac-Man's position as a factor in selecting their target tile, though it is more significant to some ghosts than others. In Scatter mode, each ghost has a fixed target tile, each of which is located just outside a different corner of the maze. This causes the four ghosts to disperse to the corners whenever they are in this mode. Frightened mode is unique because the ghosts do not have a specific target tile while in this mode. Instead, they pseudorandomly decide which turns to make at every intersection.'"

8-Year Fan-Made Game Project Shut Down By Activision 265

An anonymous reader writes "Activision, after acquiring Vivendi, became the new copyright holder of the classic King's Quest series of adventure game. They have now issued a cease and desist order to a team which has worked for eight years on a fan-made project initially dubbed a sequel to the last official installment, King's Quest 8. This stands against the fact that Vivendi granted a non-commercial license to the team, subject to Vivendi's approval of the game after submission. After the acquisition, key team members had indicated on the game's forums (now stripped of their original content by order of Activision) that Activision had given the indication that it intended to keep its current fan-game licenses, but was not interested in issuing new ones."

Comment Whitespace (Score 0) 394

I believe proper use of whitespace in programming makes enormous improvements in recognition. Spaces in proportional fonts are often thinner and less contrasting. That alone may reduce proportional effectiveness, more readable or not. One would have to form a habit of using two space characters and more tabs.
PC Games (Games)

EA Shutting Down Video Game Servers Prematurely 341

Spacezilla writes "EA is dropping the bomb on a number of their video game servers, shutting down the online fun for many of their Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 games. Not only is the inclusion of PS3 and Xbox 360 titles odd, the date the games were released is even more surprising. Yes, Madden 07 and 08 are included in the shutdown... but Madden 09 on all consoles as well?"

Hand Written Clock 86

a3buster writes "This clock does not actually have a man inside, but a flatscreen that plays a 24-hour loop of this video by the artist watching his own clock somewhere and painstakingly erasing and re-writing each minute. This video was taken at Design Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach 2009."
The Almighty Buck

EA Flip-Flops On Battlefield: Heroes Pricing, Fans Angry 221

An anonymous reader writes "Ben Kuchera from Ars Technica is reporting that EA/DICE has substantially changed the game model of Battlefield: Heroes, increasing the cost of weapons in Valor Points (the in-game currency that you earn by playing) to levels that even hardcore players cannot afford, and making them available in BattleFunds (the in-game currency that you buy with real money). Other consumables in the game, such as bandages to heal the players, suffered the same fate, turning the game into a subscription or pay-to-play model if players want to remain competitive. This goes against the creators' earlier stated objectives of not providing combat advantage to paying customers. Ben Cousins, from EA/DICE, argued, 'We also frankly wanted to make buying Battlefunds more appealing. We have wages to pay here in the Heroes team and in order to keep a team large enough to make new free content like maps and other game features we need to increase the amount of BF that people buy. Battlefield Heroes is a business at the end of the day and for a company like EA who recently laid off 16% of their workforce, we need to keep an eye on the accounts and make sure we are doing our bit for the company.' The official forums discussion thread is full of angry responses from upset users, who feel this change is a betrayal of the original stated objectives of the game."

Comment Re:Is this the guy (Score 2, Informative) 385

This very act is what prompted the "negative option billing" law in the first place. The dates (yours or the "10 year" estimate) are either wrong, or your friends were caught by something less generic - i.e. they had signed up for it somewhere without realizing it. But, again, Rogers also could have just pushed their luck...

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