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Comment We are not a colony (Score 1) 923

In 1998 , in Ecuador, we had a huge economic crisis caused by many factors, one of them were the bankers that played with everyones savings, it is funny that most of them fled the US and some other countries. Their banks went bankrupt and they fled with our money. They lost millions of other people savings but somehow they landed on their feet with more money. Many middle eastern dictators have properties in the UK, also fomer dictators have had assylum in the UK, France and other european countries. If not look for Jean Paul Duvalier. These are terrible men, men that played with peoples savings and life, killers, war criminals. But because they have money the are welcomed in these countries. Just pure hipocrecy. I am hoping for a united front from the UNASUR in case of any problem with the UK, the OEA is joke. Because quite frankly we, as Ecuador, can do shit. The most we can do is complain against the UN. In the UN the US and the UK can veto any proposal. Maybe go to geneva. Expell the british embassador from Ecuador. Meanwhile the Economic disadvantages for the UK probably are going to suffer in 0.00000001% against for what could happend to Ecuador. I dont know how much we trade with the UK, but probably we can suffer more.

Comment Re:And to think... (Score 1) 432

Because the US never imposed those dictators in South America as way to prevent comunism right? Noriega what? Pinochet what? The US played with South America like it was their backyard during the cold war. Most of those dictators in South America went to the Escuela de las Americas founded by the US. US backed up those dictators and military juntas as long as they didnt became Communists.

Comment Re:I guess for some definitions of democratic (Score 1) 432

I am Ecuadorian and during my whole life, Ecuador has being going for one crisis to another, 10 years? Try 30. But that is something we learn to live with. At least with Correa I have seeing advances in infraestructure, our roads are at the best they have ever being. Schools and Hospitals are being built and I have seing some great changes there. There are many things to critice Correa, there is still a lot of corruption. The thing is that I when other presidents played with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and other branches the US and other countries didnt seem quite interested in them, but when you have a president that doesnt follow the rules set by them you seem to get a lot of news coverage. I dont support many things Correa does, i vote mostly NO on many of the questions he proposed for the Consulta Nacional. But looking at the media bias against Correa, looking at how the opposition handles and distorts eveything makes me wanna root for the guy. (The opposition are basically the guys that have always ruled the country) So when ever I read an article against Correa of 2007 of an American NGO, specially after I have seeing all my life how NGOs work, I would think it has a lot of credibility. You took from that article what you wanted to read, but if you read the bottom lines it clearly said that 83% of Ecuadorians voted for the asamble constitucional. One more thing, we no longer have TSE, it is Consejo Nacional Electoral.

Comment Starcraft 2 (Score 1) 1880

I am linux fan boy, I went 3 years without using windows. But when SC2 came out I couldnt run it with wine, I have an Ati Radeon card and apparently there is a bug with wine, ati radeon close sourced drivers and SC2, at the end I managed to run SC2 with a really crappy resolution but it froze everytime a match was about to start. Usually Blizzard games were really easy to play with wine. With MMOs I dont know why they dont make client for those games? maybe it is just really hard to maintain a closed source client with many distros and libraries constantly being updated, without a community, but I bet there is good money with that. SC2 was the first game I have bought in 10 years. I thinks it is worth paying for someone to maintain a gaming network, a way to avoid cheaters. I must admit I dont agree with many things blizzard does or their EULA, but I love SC2.

Comment Anonymous vs Los Zetas is not a real match (Score 1) 397

Lets analyse both contenders and why anonymous can do shit to Los Zetas From one side, Anonymous is basically an internet mob, full of script kiddies and very few "3l337" hackers. Their powers relay on what they can find during google searches, known vulnerabilities of servers, exploits and social engineering. So basically most of their power is from what they can find online, or on any electronic media. On the other side Los Zetas, a bloody Mexican cartel that has a huge monetary power, and from years of fighting US and Mexican authorities I doubt they have a server with some excel sheets with the names and ranks of people of their organization. I am pretty sure they have hi-tech in some aspects but I really doubt they their master plans are on the companies CRM or on their Joomla Website. Most of their organization probably runs on word of mouth from the bosses. They probably change cell phones, emails on regular bases. So what can anonymous do against the Zetas, nothing just get people killed. They have a lot of money, they can certainly pay for people to find someone at anonymous and kill him.

Comment I usually dont agree with stallman but.. (Score 1) 1452

come on, Jobs wasn't the nicest guy, he wasn't the best programmer, he wasn't someone who was known for his charities, (I know he had some charities, but they were few), he wasnt an innovator. For me he was a really good businessman, nothing else. He just knew who to get associated with, like what he did with Steve Wozniak. As a person he didn't seem like nice guy. After some point when you start accumulating the amount of money he had it doesnt seem really ethic. One person having so much when others have so little. He (and Apple) sue everyone they could for patents or copyrights for everything that resembled an ipod, iphone, or had an "I" on front of their name , stopping innovation. From my point of view, the way Apple stays ahead of everyone because they basically control the chip market and distributors, and not because they come up with new Ideas that no one thought of before. I never read anything that Jobs said that "opened my eyes" or thought what incredible guy he was. ( and i spend most of my time on the internets ) I read a lot of bullshit over the Internet, FB, an other places about Steve Jobs, and incredible person that pass away. It seems like people are more interested in idolizing people that make money.

Comment Any main distro (Score 1) 382

Just use Centos/RH/Fedora or Debian /Ubuntu, yum install httpd php php-mysql mysql-server, in centos or rh might be php53, In debian/ubuntu apt-get install apache2 php mysql php-mysql or something like that if you know the basic of how apache php and mysql work, they work the same in linux.

Comment Too much complaining about nothing (Score 1) 184

If you are using CentOS, and you are bitching about the delays, and you really need the updates maybe you should consider using RHEL, and pay for the support. Anything too critical shouldnt be run on CentOS, even if the CentOS project was perfect, by definition of what they are (they depend on RedHat releasing the code), they are bound to be late for critical patches. So if you have little money for a server, your information is not that sensitive, you dont need the latest software you can use CentOS, for example a FileServer for a small office. If you are running 10000 EPR on CentOS you are an idiot, if you are paying a that much for software, pay a little bit more for O.S. support. Otherwise it is like buying an expensive car and use cheap oil. I have nothing against CentOS, I think the project is great. CentOS, RHEL, and Fedora are different type of tools for different types of work. CentOS for when you have no money, or for testing something to run in a similar environment. RHEL when you need critical support. Fedora, just for fun and testing, the cycle of life of fedora is really short. I think is perfect for Universities, where they format the servers at the end of each semester. Never ever use it for critical stuff.

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