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Comment Re:Moot (Score 1) 398

Game availability for Mac OS X isn't nearly as bad as it's made out to be. While the breadth of games for Windows is vastly greater, in terms of games that make me want to install Boot Camp, or build a gaming PC, the majority have Mac versions already,

I guess you don't like many games.

Its OK, I'm in the same boat with my Linux...

Comment I'm amazed (Score 1) 1006

I am constantly amazed at the relationship the average slashdotter has with management. it looks something like this: slashdotter : always has the right answer / opinion management : to stupid to see / understand / do what I said. obviously this is NOT reality. In my opinion the typical reason for this sort of relationship is poor communication from the technical side. I've worked with HUNDREDS of management teams, and yes there are certainly inept or incompetent ones. But to the original poster, as an IT pro, it is your job to couch technical needs/issues in terms a businessman can appreciate. So please disregard what so many people here are telling you about not being able to get management to do anything here... here is what you need to do: Document ALL available licenses, regardless of how old (as in old unused versions - sometimes will show them what they thought they bought is no longer used). talk to accounting, and have them find ALL purchase records, even if there are NO physical media, licenses, etc. You need to have every scrap of info, so you can then ask "what am I missing? when your boss says they bought it already. Document ALL installed software (ocsinventory-ng is a great tool for this) Suggest options, with costs associated. (as indicated by previous posters, 7zip, and OO.O, are options, or they can pay the licenses OR compare that to what a BSA audit could cost, and how easily it could come) Once you have clarified it all, my guess is that a reasonable decision will be made. It might not happen immediately, but you should be able to spec a project to phase the changes in. I once had a client who was similarly refusing to pay for software, despite my warnings "this could be a problem" and "you aren't licensed for this". I continued to install unlicensed versions, largely due to inexperience, and "the customer is always right" attitude. They got a threatening letter from the BSA, and quickly turned to me and said "we'll you are taking care of this for us, so how could we be out of compliance". I basically converted them to the FOSS shown in this thread, and made them buy the rest. MAde sure all was kosher, and then said see ya. lessons learned. I simply am unwilling to be out of compliance now, for my personal sanity. because once you wave multiple $250k fines in someones face, they will look for a scape goat somewhere... you need to be ahead of the game on this. Had I done my job, and PROPERLY instructed them on the risks of their decisions, it would never have gone down like it did. These folks were douchey, but I believe that had I expressed the needs correctly the situation would never have occurred, because at the end of the day they are businesspeople, and money talks.

Comment Re:Deux ex machina? (Score 1) 809

all good things has one of the most blatant plot holes in all of trek (and that is saying something) from wikipedia: "As Picard arrives at the anomaly in all three time periods, he discovers that the anomaly is much larger in the past, but does not exist at all in the future." "Q once again appears to Picard and takes him to billions of years in the past on Earth, where the anomaly, growing larger as it moves backwards in time" "When Picard returns to the future, he discovers the anomaly has appeared, created as a result of his orders, and the tachyon pulses from the three eras are sustaining it." the anomaly was created by three ships in different times taking action, and then grows backward in time. how is it that the anomoly exists for the future crew AFTER (forward in time) it was created? at least that was my recollection, I haven't seen it in years.

Comment Re:I say... (Score 1) 416

3/4 of the way down a useful post comes along. mod ender up. the 360 works fine as a upnp client. I use FUPPES to stream photos, videos and music from my ubuntu box. It will also work with windows media center, and there are a lot of options... i also use the xbox 360 all the time for netflix streaming, and I keep a usb drive laying around to just plug and play media... I also have an old laptop laying around that streams hulu content using PlayOn (which would also do netflix, if I were not paying for xbox live gold anyway) And, if you look at just the big name games available at your local game store, you are missing out on the TONS of great xbox live arcade games. I probably spend more time playing those games than full blown releases. without any modding the 360 is a good way to get media to your screen. I'm actually thinking of getting another one for the bedroom, watching all this media on the laptop is getting old, since I have that damn tv just right there...

Comment Re:I wouldn't be so quick to that. (Score 1) 600

BINGO there is a shitload of information at the newspaper recycling plant as well, but trying to get that info in any useful way? forget it. The internet delivery mechanism. as of yet, getting truly meaningful focused content in a fashion that works as well as books in a library? Well, clearly for many people, it isn't there yet.

Comment Re:Um, news? (Score 2, Interesting) 120

There appears to be a this belief on slashdot that all these bloggers are what is putting newspapers out of business. Unless someone can point me at a source for this, I simply cannot believe it. My perception of what is killing newspapers is that people can get vetted news (Reuters and AP for example) stories for FREE in a preferable delivery system (computer, phone, etc). By comparison, paying to get a paper that is already outdated by the time you read it just does not cut it. I understand that many reporters have blogs and they produce and reproduce news content there, and also some news reporting does come directly from Blogs. But I still don't think that is even close to the source of the newspaper's troubles.

Comment the problem with this story is two fold (Score 1) 499

And every time one of these "where are my flying cars?" stories comes out it has the same two issues: first, the author glosses over all the amazing advances that we do have. Dick Tracey watch? my cell phone is even better. The list goes on and on. I'm not sure if it is because the writer is just being dense, or just willfully ignoring these things in an effort to make a point. second, the writer of the story is being intellectually dishonest. to call sci-fi writings "predictions" is ridiculous. But I guess this sort of "soft news" needs to be written, to fill quotas, or something. And if you have some stupid-ass premise to write about, then you gotta try to make a compelling case for it... But to say that automobiles have not been an improvement over horses? (as the article implies) That is so patently moronic...

Comment Re:Why does there need to be a desktop app? (Score 1) 166

I just paid for playon yesterday. I have an old PC hooked up to the HDTV, but hulu played full screen videos like crap (no shock right?), even though ITunes, and play fine. I got playon because hulu streaming from playon from that PC to XBox360 played full screen fine. It is on sale for the rest of the month at $30, which is why I got it. But if I find that this Hulu app performs full screen on that PC, then I will be a bit bummed. Also, if you go through the playon forums, you will find that they have had their share of Hulu issues from time to time. but in the end they work it out...

Comment Re:Boy oh boy! (Score 1) 414

My girlfriends mother bought a laptop about two years ago. She struggled with Windows as she had never used a computer much before. I installed gOS and she's doing fantastic with it.

Just because you are used to Windows and find it hard to transition, don't blame the OS, blame yourself.

Well, it isn't just him, by these numbers, it is over 85% of people.

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