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Journal jdb2's Journal: De-MarketSpeak translation of Microsoft"'s" "SIP"

Since one can't post and moderate in the same thread, I'm posting this here :

"SIP", or "Software isolated processes" is just MS marketing hype speak for what is known as a Language-based system in which seperate processes can be isolated from one another without paging or other hardware protection mechanisms. This is done using the semantics of the language in which the processes are programmed which excludes any possibility of one process intruding into the address space of another. .

One example of a similar OS would be Bell Labs' Inferno. ( thanks to Knots for pointing this out ) Also, there's JX, which is an open-source microkernel based operating system in which the (micro)kernel and the applications are written in Java and run under a modified version of the JVM.

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De-MarketSpeak translation of Microsoft"'s" "SIP"

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