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Comment Re:FP? (Score 1) 942

OK, try and quarter both those numbers. Quickly.

If I just need an approximation then it's pretty quick to get 400mm. And an exact figure doesn't take all that much longer. 5'6"1/2 I have absolutely no idea where to start. Not only am I dealing with fractions, but I'm also having to deal with different bases.
I guess it comes down to what you're used to, and you would develop various mental shortcuts if you worked with these lengths everyday. But switch to weight and you now you need a whole new set. With everything in decimal those hacks need to be developed just once and they get used everywhere and hence become much more efficient.

It might not seem a bit deal but quick mental approximations are essential for spotting mistakes.

Comment Re:Australia can get it right (Score 1) 145

Tell me about it; experienced brokenness caused by central control yet again today.

Recent surgery has resulted in a painful infection, so I needed to go see a doctor today to get prescribed something to deal with it. My home practise had a walk in session but not starting until 10.30, so my options were either skip work for the morning to go there, or go into work and try and find something near work.
So I went to work figuring I could see someone at the practise near there. They can't see me because I'm not registered with them, and at 20 miles away I'm too near to where I'm registered for them to be able to see me. So my options are go back home or go the emergency ward of the hospital! Worked out the timings and realised going back home and back again would take about the same time as queing at the hospital, and the transport was easier anyway, so ended up doing that. 4 hours out of work just to go see a doctor for 1 minute.

I really miss the Australian system. It's far easier to just go to any practise you want if you need to rather than this sorry, can't do that attitude. Every practise actually competing with other also makes them far more eager to try and get your custom too.

Comment Re:I have it (Score 1) 247

Whilst I'm not really expecting it to last, at the moment it remains very much a hands-off ownership. Having been with them since about 2002, not much has changed since BT bought them out. The moment it does, I'm out.

Don't discount Plusnet just because they're owned by BT, the two consumer divisions are run quite differently.

Comment Re:Stop Sleepwalking! (Score 2, Informative) 278

Sorry... Germany has hypermarkets and France doesn't? Carrefour pioneered the hypermarket concept in Europe, decades before they appeared elsewhere in other European countries.

The obesity difference between the two is more to do with one countries preference for potatoes and beer, and the other's for salad and wine.

Comment Re:Liar. (Score 1) 431

Most grammarians would hold that your first comma belongs inside the quote. I understand why you put it outside

American grammarians yes. British English has diverged and commas are outside the quotes. A recent development is the full stop (period) has moved back within the quote if it ends the sentence, having previously been outside - both forms are often encountered though.

Our school system is much less anal about grammer over here, so changes do occur much quicker.

The Internet

Submission + - Ukraine porn ban - Except for "medicinal purpo (

An anonymous reader writes: Viktor Yushchenko, the Ukranian President, has signed legislation banning pornography in the Ukraine.

According to the Kyev Times, the legislation states:

Pornography is vulgar, candid, cynical, obscene depiction of sexual acts, pursuing no other goal, the explicit demonstration of genitals, unethical elements of the sexual act, sexual perversions, realistic sketches that do not meet moral criteria and offend honour and dignity of the human by inciting low instincts.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Justice has added, however, that pornography may be used "for medicinal purposes".

The Internet

Submission + - BT drops Phorm -- More Pressing Priorities? 1

Tom DBA writes: The Register reports in that "BT has abandoned plans to roll out Phorm's controversial web monitoring and profiling system across its broadband network, claiming it needs to concentrate resources on network upgrades...BT's announcement comes a day before MPs and peers of the All Party Parliamentary Communications Group are due to begin an investigation of internet privacy. Their intervention follows the EU's move to sue the UK government over its alleged failure to properly implement European privacy laws with respect to the trials, drawing further bad publicity to the venture."

Shouldn't the story read BT "have"?

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