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Comment What does this say for the wisdom??? (Score 1) 194

About the _wisdom_ of these people? Nothing.
These people use the services not because it's some grand choice, but because _others_ have adopted it and the popularity is overwhelming.
Free alternatives exist, but might not be known to many people. It's about popularity. I love free software too, but you have to admit "wisdom" has very little to do with it.
First-world jerkoffs sitting in thier ivory tower commenting on the "wisdom" of these people leaves me pretty speechless.
This has to be one of the worst headlines in recent memory.

Comment Re:phone or network (Score 1) 304

From the article:

{article snip}

Taking into account that we tested it against another 3G phone with a T-Mobile SIM in it, we believe that it's not a network factor, it's the G1's browser and processor being able to render pages much faster.

{/article snip}

I love my G1. It feels very fast. When 3g is up, it's almost as fast as a fat client on broadband. I'm glad someone did some tests.

T-Mobile's 3g network is still in the rollout phase, I've heard that most of it will be up (at least here in Cali) by the beginning of the year. That was from T-Mobile salesman, so some salt should be taken with that information.

The phone is really why I bought it, but I must give props to T-Mobile for not making people pay through the nose for the service. AT&T seems to want to fleece the iPhone buyers. Thanks to T-Mobile for at least trying to sell their service at a more decent price.

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