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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Best Laptop With Decent Linux Graphics Support? 4

jcreus writes: After struggling for some years with Nvidia cards (the laptop from which I am writing this has two graphic cards, an Intel one and Nvidia one, and is a holy mess [I still haven't been able to use the Nvidia card]) and, encouraged by Torvalds' middle finger speech, I've decided to ditch Nvidia for something better. I am expecting to buy another laptop and, this time, I'd like to get it right from the start. It would be interesting if it had decent graphics support and, in general, were Linux friendly. While I know Dell has released a Ubuntu laptop, it's way off-budget. My plan is to install Ubuntu, Kubuntu (or even Debian), with dual boot unfortunately required. Thanks in advance, Slashdot!

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Good, yet uncommon, gift for a friend?

An anonymous reader writes: I, having the title of alpha geek in my classroom (15 yo), was asked by a female friend of mine whether "buying" a star for someone was legit. (It is for a friend of her whom I know & I am also friends with her.) I obviously replied no, no official body would recognize it and it is (imho) a waste of money.

So, Slashdot, ideas for a (birthday) gift for someone? I guess it's not a requirement, but I think it should be better if it was not one of the common gifts (yet cheap, we're young!). (On the other hand, I know how to program, so don't exclude gifts which require a (computer) program or something [weird scenario, I know]).

Submission + - Wiki Loves Monuments 2012: Wikipedia photo contest (

An anonymous reader writes: Wiki Loves Monuments is an international photo contest around cultural heritage monuments in September. Starting from the Netherlands in 2010 and organized on a European level in 2011, it goes global in 2012.

Everybody can participate and take photos of cultural heritage. In every participating country you can win awards, and the best photos in each country continues to the international jury – which will select the best monument photos in 2012.

There are some maps that help to find monuments near to you: United States, Canada and 30+ more.

Would you like to help Wikipedia improve its contents? Join the contest now!

Comment Re:Python (Score 5, Informative) 525

Hi. Teenager here. I learnt how to program when I was about 11 (or maybe 10), self-taught. My best recommendation: let him learn how to program by himself. What I did was, and I've done such a thing for all programming languages (8, I think) I know: first, go to the first tutorial you see on the Internet. I believe I used Wikibooks (Python). And, then, leave the tutorial after knowing just the basic I/O and simple statements. Then, give yourself a project. For example, I created one which solved me the maths homework. Something you find useful. And, while doing that, one must learn more features of the language. In case you have doubts, be self-sufficient: just f*cking google it, and results will appear (learning how to google is probably a priority before programming languages!).

So, what you said is true. Don't spend money on programming books. Let him learn by himself.

On the other hand, regarding programming languages, I've always loved Python. Simple syntax, easy to introduce to new programmers, no pointers, great power... Furthermore, while Python keeps being my favorite, maybe, for "the current times", he would find JavaScript (+HTML+CSS) closer, for he would be able to create his own websites and that's something you often feel proud of ;). Also, it seems now everything has to be JavaScript-based...


Submission + - Google Maps Introduces 8-Bit Quest Maps (

AbsoluteXyro writes: Today users of Google Maps will notice a new mapping option — "Quest" — alongside the usual "Map" and "Satellite" views. Quest view renders the planet in a retro 8-bit fantasy video game style, including renders of famous landmarks such as the White House and the Eiffel Tower. Even Pegman gets in on the game, now taking on the appearance of a sword wielding 8-bit adventurer, allowing you to witness Street View through 8-bit eyes. Basically, imagine a fully functioning Google Maps on an NES.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How do you back up? (Today is World Backup Day) ( 2

MrSeb writes: "Today is World Backup Day! The premise is that you back up your computers on March 31, so that you're not an April Fool if your hard drive crashes tomorrow. How do Slashdot users back up? RAID? Multiple RAIDs? If you're in LA, on a fault line, do you keep a redundant copy of your data in another geographic region?"

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