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Comment Because people are too lazy to use a French press? (Score 1) 299

I still can't figure out the problem a Keurig machine is supposed to solve, but it damned sure creates one. You can buy pre-ground coffee, throw it into your French press and have good coffee in minutes without creating mountains of trash. And it will be great tasting coffee too. I see two problems: laziness and the appeal of brand new "gee whiz" technology that looks slicker and costs more without offering any real benefit. And it makes crappier coffee too.

Comment He didn't use a drug. (Score 2) 482

You need to be clear on what he was charged with. The agency is saying he got transfusions of oxygen-doped blood before races. Since oxygen is not a "drug" there isn't a specific test that can say whether it's present in abnormally high levels. The ADA will tell you this frankly. But if that's what Armstrong did, it was real genius. Oxygen-enriched blood will supercharge any athlete. And oxygen is not a foreign substance.

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