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Comment Re:Pop for breakfast? This is why you're fat. (Score 4, Insightful) 362


I have lived in Australia and Germany and have traveled in other western countries, and the difference in food selection between other those countries and the United States is astounding. From granola to yogurt, breads to meat - it is difficult to find good foods in the US that are not overly processed. I'm 34, and it has changed quite a bit in my lifetime. Take yogurt for example, when I was a kid, yogurt tasted like yogurt - now the only national brand that even resembles yogurt is Activia. It's like food producers were forced to reintroduce real yogurt with active cultures because probiotics became popular. Everything else was milk with gelatin added to make it "yogurt".

And I live southern California, where there is a decent market for quality food. I have recently been traveling to rural Maryland and Virginia for work - I doubt 5% of the food in those grocery stores needed to be chilled or frozen - it is almost all over-processed crap.

Comment Re:Homeowners special coverage (Score 1) 225

My homeowners insurance charges something like $10 per YEAR for computer insurance that also includes... smartphones. With a $50 deductible and $1000 per incident. My some dropped my wife's Samsung Somethingorother in the pool and the insurance paid out ~$500 for a new phone. Way cheaper than any other plan I have ever seen for phones. It also covers laptops, and all devices in the house are covered under the single $10 payment.

Which company? State Farm stopped taking new Personal Article policies on smartphones last year, which means I won't be able to cover my new iPhone 5. I'm looking to shop around on insurance soon anyways...

Comment Am I the only one? (Score 1) 514

Am I the only one who is actually excited about this? My wife and I both own iPhones, purchased used to avoid having to sign up for an extra $30/month/line contract. We are both within range of WiFi, 22 hours a day, so I just don't have a need for a $30/month unlimited data plan. What I'd really like is to be able to purchase a new iPhone without a data plan, but at least now there is an option at a monthly price I can maybe handle. With more and more wireless data being used and limited spectrum to carry that data, it seems to me the elimination of "unlimited" plans is inevitable.

What I still find ridiculous is text messaging. How carriers have managed to increase text messaging prices by 400% or more over the last several years, in almost perfect sync with each other, and not receive any regulatory scrutiny for it, is beyond me.

Comment Re:SAIC vs. contractor rates (Score 1) 306

Mod parent up. The claimed salaries are not salaries, but what SAIC is billing for the employee's time.

And before people start throwing stones at the contractors, I'm willing to bet this project is like so many other government contracts - 7 years later and I bet the project still lacks clearly defined requirements to build to. I've been part of several government contracts and it seems like it takes 3-5 years before the government customers realize they have a responsibility to define what they want.

SAIC will keep taking money from the city of New York as long as the city is willing to dole it out - that's capitalism.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 486

So, let's get this right... If you contract me to do some work on your roof and it leaks -- it's your own damn fault for choosing to live in an area where it rains?

No, it's more like you contracted me to install your roof 50 years ago, you don't pay me to do any maintenance on that roof for the last 50 years even though I told you it was necessary, and now it is my fault that your roof leaked during a storm that it was never designed to withstand anyways?

Comment Re:Surveillance (Score 1) 629

Marketplace did a report on them last week, discussing how RadioShack has been reporting good numbers in an environment where electronics retails are biting it. Marketplace suggested it was RadioShack's brand recognition, consistent nation-wide presence, and the company being pro-active to dump locations that are not remaining profitable that has led to good results. Even with those pros, I was still rather surprised to hear that RadioShack was doing well. Personally, I would chalk their current success up to selling off inventory like crazy and not replacing it - and that can't last forever. Have you been in a one recently? There's nothing in there except a few shelves with nothing on them. As for rebranding, I think switching to the "The Shack" is ridiculously stupid. Do they really think they'll be able to sell more product at higher prices under a new, less-recognized name?

Comment Re:Suspect?.... (Score 1) 403

I dunno, the NTSB usually drags their feet before stating anything. They usually don't make statements about suspicion of what may have happened without specific evidence. This seems like an unusual announcement from them, not their usual style. I wonder if they are compelled to state a truth that they fell won't be properly addressed otherwise. After all, Airbus is built in Europe not the US.

Um, isn't the NTSB an American agency? Why would they have anything to say about a flight from Brazil to France on a French carrier?

Comment Find something better to complain about (Score 5, Insightful) 901

We're just talking about units of measure. If it is easier to use imperial units because previous design and drawings were done in imperial, then that's the smart choice. I would be upset if NASA was wasting taxpayer money just so that the design could be done in metric. I actually applaud NASA for making a smart, cost/benefit engineering decision.

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