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Comment Re:So, basically the parents are screwed? (Score 1) 420

People love to demonize parents for not getting involved in the lives of the children but when those children are outside of their control for eight hours a day what are they to do?

It is under parents control to choose whether to enroll their children in government schools, with their government agenda, private schools, which offer a variety of agendas, or to home school them, and teach them exactly what they wish.

Comment Re:Truth on front-loaders (Score 1) 592

...The paddle in the middle spins a turn clockwise, then a turn counter-clockwise....and so forth.

Reminds me of an old paramedic joke:

Q. What do you do when you arrive at a scene with a patient having a seizure in a bathtub?

A. Put in your dirty laundry!

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