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Comment Plants love CO2. Earth is getting greener (Score 1) 693

The earth's biological productivity is rising rapidly (14% in 30 years) mainly due to increased CO2 in the atmosphere reports Matt Ridley in a Royal Society video with a transcript. Environmentalists may hate it, but it looks like good science to me. See it quicker (19 minutes), less political, and 3 years ago or for busy folk, in Snippets: (2 min) and (20 sec).

Comment clean white sand is a byproduct of tar-sand oil (Score 1) 264

Clean white sand is a byproduct of tar-sand petroleum production in northern Alberta, Canada. They dig a giant hole in this gooey stinky tar stuff, wash it in hot naptha, take the clean white sand coming out, and dump it back in the hole it came out of. What limits production is lack of permits for the pipeline they need to export the oil.

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