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Comment PVC piping, really nondegradable (Score 0) 122

45 years after burying PVC piping all over my yard, I dug some up. Clean and shiny as the day I'd purchased it. When I planted that pipe, the code required anti backflow valves under someone's theory that my water main pressure might drop (it never did) and garden irrigation water might flow back and pollute my household water. What a total farce!

Comment Plants love CO2. Earth is getting greener (Score 1) 693

The earth's biological productivity is rising rapidly (14% in 30 years) mainly due to increased CO2 in the atmosphere reports Matt Ridley in a Royal Society video with a transcript. Environmentalists may hate it, but it looks like good science to me. See it quicker (19 minutes), less political, and 3 years ago or for busy folk, in Snippets: (2 min) and (20 sec).

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