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Comment Lately... (Score 5, Interesting) 268

Every so often I go through my spam folder, it's pretty funny. I've noticed lately that a lot of them don't even have links, it's like they're just trying to annoy us. For example, I received this yesterday:

Forge your huge love sword

and that was it. No link, no pictures. My theory is I have a really good friend who goes through a whole lot of effort just to make me smile. Either that, or it's an insult on my manhood designed to make me feel inadequate.

Comment Dial-up (Score 1) 838

Computer to phone line. Dial up to a north american ISP. They'll have a hard time filtering web content through what shows up as a phone conversation. I'd be willing to pitch in for the bill, though I doubt many companies would charge for that. Someone set up a netzero account for these people or something, I only have $6.75 in my checking account (and no credit card). Either that, or http://www.i2p2.de/ for an encrypted tor-like connection.

Comment Re:I've been bricked before (Score 1) 648

I guess you're right, I've been thinking about buying a license to 10.5 just because I believe pirating software is wrong, I just enjoy the novelty of "I paid $800 for my 2.6Ghz dual core mac!". I don't blame apple either, but I really do wish they would just put out a version of OSX that would run legally on a PC. I don't care if I don't get support. Literally all they have to do is stop bricking my machine with quicktime updates and I would shell out the $129 instantly
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Man's Spare Room Filled With Almost Every Apple Mo (gizmodo.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Do you think you are fanboy? Think again. Apparently this guy "has a spare room which contains one hundred Apple computers. In total, he has more than 150 in his home and all of them are working, from an Apple II+ and a Lisa to the latest MacBook Pro." He also has a NeXT and, as you will see in the gallery, even one of those huge, minifridge-like Workgroup Servers. The article has a long interview explaining why and how: "we asked him about his passion — some would say obsession, others medical condition." I personally think the second option is the correct one.

Submission + - Hacker publishes notorious Apple Wi-Fi attack (computerworld.com.au)

inkslinger77 writes: "More than a year after claiming to have found a way to take over a Macintosh computer using a flaw in the system's wireless card, David Maynor has finally published details of his exploit. Maynor had been under a nondisclosure agreement, which had previously prevented him from publishing details of the hack, but the NDA is over now and by going public with the information, Maynor hopes to help other Apple researchers with new documentation on things like Wi-Fi debugging and the Mac OS X kernel core dumping facility."

Submission + - Rising Attacks on ISPs (darkreading.com)

eldavojohn writes: "DarkReading is running a story on botnets replacing DDOS attacks as the number one threat to ISPs. The report lists the staggering bandwidth consumed by ever increasing distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks. From the article, "Not surprisingly, ISPs say botnets are the number one threat to their networks, and that these malicious networks are growing in size and sophistication. Botnets are used for DOS attacks (71 percent), sending spam (64 percent), as open proxies (34 percent), for storing ID theft information (16 percent), and as part of phishing systems (37 percent), according to respondents.""

Submission + - Tux Racer is Back (again)!

Christian Picon writes: "Everyone's favorite racing penguin is back in a revival of the classic game "Tux Racer". When it died in 2004, Tux Racer was continued by Volker Strobel in a game he called "PlanetPenguin Racer". Although distributed with a good deal of major Linux distros, PlanetPenguin Racer is widely considered dead, and its creator seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.
        Since February, a new team of developers and artists have taken up the code, and are almost finished converting it into a new game. Scheduled for release on September 22, "Extreme Tux Racer" has a load of new graphics, a spiffier logo, a new cup, and a few other improvements. This release was mainly intended to break in the new name, and clean up the PlanetPenguin Racer code, but huge changes are planned for the next release, such as multiplayer mode, new events, new models, and a 3D level designer.
        Extreme Tux Racer, unlike PlanetPenguin Racer (which was programmed almost exclusively by Volker Strobel), is using a very community oriented development system where anyone can jump in and contribute. They originally planned to call the game PlanetPenguin Racer, like its predecessor, which explains why they are currently organizing development at planetpenguinracer.com. The new website, extremetuxracer.com should be up by the September 22 release date, say webmaster "ranger", and designer "slythfox".
        So, whether you have a talent you'd like to donate, or whether you liked the original game, be sure to check out Extreme Tux Racer."

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