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Comment You define the job (Score 1) 198

You know the situation better than anyone else. Are there competent people you trust to get you the information you need? If not, make system access part of the condition of accepting the position. One the nice (or painful) aspects of a job like "Enterprise Architect" is you should have the latitude to define the job to a large extent. Just remember that every hour you spend at a command prompt is time you can't spend doing the main aspects of your job. There's also the possibility of you being blamed for whatever goes wrong next, whether you were involved or not. There's an opportunity cost to system access.

Comment How long? (Score 1) 208

How long do you expect this to last before it's needed? DVDs and USB drives are common, but I see DVDs heading out at this point. Paper has the advantage that in 40 years it'll still be readable. Of course if your passwords change you'll have to update this information anyway. Assuming you update passwords occasionally because of a) good practice or b) some company gets hacked, I'd send it electronically and encrypted, so the person needs to actually enter a password to get to the data. Unless the recipient gets a keylogger installed, you should be safe. A text file encrypted with pgp is good for the knowledgeable recipient. For someone less savvy, I'd send them an encrypted tiddlywiki. Obviously give them the password over the phone, in person, or via snail mail.

Comment Number one reason I dislike Microsoft... (Score 4, Interesting) 146

...they treat us all like morons. Their business practices have been predatory in the past and unecessarily nasty - and that comes in a close number two reason. But I can't stand using their products because they are always "helping". And now they're gonna screw with SEARCH RESULTS? Their OS is bad...Office is worse. THIS is insulting.

Comment Changing my vote (Score 1) 317

I voted "within 20 years" however having 2 kids in the public school system, it seems that 50% of what they do would qualify as day care rather than I'm changing my vote to "Never" since in order to survive in 20 years, both parents will have to be working and there'll be no $$$ for separate child care.

Comment Re:Chain is only as strong as the weakest link (Score 1) 580

The reactors did apparently shut down as they should but still needed cooling and these is where the other "links" appeared to have failed, and I stress appeared here as this will only be apparent when this whole thing is analyzed months or years from now:

It was nice of you to use your genius to save them all that time! And from thousands of miles away, too.

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