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Submission + - How Sick Patients Are Fighting Bad Science With Good — and Winning ( 3

johnkadlecek writes: In 2011, The Lancet published a big study claiming that chronic fatigue syndrome patients just needed therapy and exercise to get better — or even be cured. Headlines spread, and it influenced public health recommendations worldwide.

The only problem? It was bunk science. For five years, patients fought against it. And now they've got the data — and they've proved their case.

Comment Re:IQ depends on context (Score 1) 325

Yeah, but intelligence can also determine the external context.

Absolutely. This would make it a Strange Loop indeed.

Intelligent -> working in a patent office.

Unintelligent -> falling into red-hot magma.

Society can therefore even flip a man's intelligence by overruling his personal choice of context.

Comment IQ depends on context (Score 1) 325

Albert Einstein in patent office = Law of Photoelectric Effect.

Albert Einstein in red-hot ' 'magma' ' = "Tssssssh."

Thus external context is of equal importance to innate ability within the expression of intelligence.

Also, when the bars start flicking like that, from one side to another, that's how I know when I've had enough to drink.

Comment Hey New-Kid! Catch! (Score 1) 295

You could go the other way to solve this problem: make the batts/caps smaller and able to hold *less* charge. :D You'd rely on ubiquitous charging.

Phone needs charge; Phone spends most of it's time in my jacket; Phone receives pwr from jacket pocket.

Jacket needs charge; Jacket spends most of it's time on the coat hook. Wire coat hooks to the mains electricity supply.

Planet needs charge; Planet spends most of it's time orbiting a star; Wire planet directly to sun;

Sun needs charge: Someone else's problem.

Comment MS won, no-one cares. (Score 1) 737

"A Computer on every desktop! Microsoft in every computer! We win!! Hey, where did everybody go?"

We're outside in the sunshine with wireless multi-touch internet enabled tablets and a million other places.

The world has outgrown MS's vision. If you want to make money you gotta either predict or create the future.

What does MS say to me these days?

"Other people's UIs are nice."
"You must use our software at work"
"Do you remember how much you liked XP?"
"DRM is good"
"We like your tablet - here's a cabinet sized version."
"We've cut our boot time to 30s!"
"Develop for our platform - that's where all the cool kids hang out!!"
Etc etc.

Get a clue MS!

Find someone who's been hidden away in a cave for the last 20 years and ask them what people will need *tomorrow*.

How Famous OS Logos Got Started 103

Shane O'Neill writes "Ronald McDonald and the NBC Peacock may get more TV air time, but today's operating systems have cool logos, too. Google, Apple, Microsoft and the Linux crowd crafted mascots ranging from cute lizards to circles of life. In this slideshow, we look at the origins of the logos and look ahead to their future."
The Media

Submission + - CO2, greenhouse effect not causing global warming?

dazl writes: UK's Channel 4 "The Great Global Warming Swindle" documentary convincingly makes a number of points, including, CO2 increase is the effect, and not the cause, of temperature increase (and 800 years later at that). They claim data shows that what drives climate change is sun activity. After watching this the award-winning Gore piece has little credibility left. Video at google and youtube.

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