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Comment Re:This is what is being done now... (Score 1) 334

I had 8 rounds of ECT a few years back (the big scary bilateral kind too). It helped more and had fewer side effects than any medication that I had tried. I experienced no memory loss and was only mildly disoriented upon waking up from the anesthesia (no more than other times I had surgery). I would go again tomorrow.

Comment Re:Yeah Canada (Score 1) 526

You are correct sir. However old Harpie wants to bring in mandatory 1 year sentences for "trafficking"

Yes, he is an asshole Bush wannabe, and yes the Liberals are spineless bastards that won't stand up to him.

Comment Re:Truck Drivers? (Score 1) 135

If less than 6 Americans died you ain't doing toast properly. Just got back from Williston this morning after managing to pick up 11 last night. I would have had 15 but the other 4 passed the exam (one surprised me as I didn't think she was going to figure out the last derivative but I guess she remembered her product rule in the last 10 minutes of the session - surprised the hell out of me which I mentioned during my speech at the graduation ceremonies).

Anyways, to bring this post back on topic, I think these are just a bunch of whiny assholes that are all bitchy that we're heading south of the border to get our entertainment. They deserve all of the disdain they get. Yes, Rush and BTO were awesome, but just look at some of the crap they've given us since:

Speaking of entertainment, take a look at this:
When they start casting, I'm going to audition to play a Confederate telegraph operator (it's a minor roll - no speaking but I nod a lot when Mel Gibson's character speaks to me and you can listen to me send what he says). The director told me that he hopes Fox will put us next to American Dad.

Comment Re:Umm, duh? (Score 1) 281

We don't need to stuff ballots very often due to coalition governments

This doesn't really work in the case of a majority government. So in that case, we would have to resort to the US solution. I know a bunch of farmers with Enfields and 22s they got from SEARS 40 years ago don't seem like anything that could take over a government but keep in mind that this would be the Canadian government and that L'Arme Secrète is only useful in the case of US or Russian invasion.

Comment Re:The amount of money.... (Score 1) 664

I'm also Canadian but am too lazy to read the budget. So I hope you don't mind if I ask some questions ;)

The leaderpost had a headline that the new Tory budget is going to add another $34 billion to the national debt. The first paragraph of the article said that this was due to income tax cuts. Would that be an accurate statement and if not how would you improve upon it?

Comment Re:Oh hey, look, in the distance, that ship... (Score 1) 437

Now, if you are going to try Bush and company, then I'd say that almost every single American president of the 20th century must be dragged into court as well, except the newly elected Obama (but we'll see).

He's not even president yet and he's already being called a 20th century president. Fascinating.

Comment Re:BECAUSE (Score 2, Insightful) 308

I agree. I can't help but think that the people who are against space flight are either fat slobs who are in a tiff because they couldn't pass the physical or even worse those "solve the problems here on earth first" types. The first should be made to exercise to see their full potential and the second should be rounded up for "re-education".

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