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Comment lawsuit in 3..2..1 (Score 1) 126

Someone crashes his bike into a cement barrier and hits his head, smashing the helmet and rendering him paralyzed. Family files multiple lawsuits against multiple companies including the maker of this device built into the guy's helmet because it "distracted him", or because pieces of it pierced his skull. It's just a matter of time. I hope Skully has factored this into the price.

Comment Re:No worries (Score 5, Informative) 33

I see comments like this all the time, but in my own personal experience paypal protected me as a seller from a fraudulent buyer who tried to steal several hundred dollars. Although the process was not quick, in the end Paypal discovered the truth, and I'll continue to use and recommend the service.

Comment Re:Why not just burn the ammonia (Score 4, Informative) 380

why not just burn the ammonia?

Actually this is possible. From wikipedia:

Ammonia cannot be easily or efficiently used in existing Otto cycle engines because of its very low octane rating, although with only minor modifications to carburetors/injectors and a drastic reduction in compression ratio, which would require new pistons, a gasoline engine could be made to work exclusively with ammonia, at a low fraction of its power output before conversion and much higher fuel consumption

Comment Re:Good idea... with still a missing link (Score 1) 165

I leased panels for my house to charge my all-electric car. Since I paid for the 20 year lease in advance, my power costs about 10 cents/kwh over the 20 year period. I don't know where you live but in my area this is about half the current average cost of electricity, and the price per kwh is sure to increase over the next 20 years (for everyone else). Since the system is grid-tied I don't need a battery for the house. As an added bonus I never have to wait in gas lines. I'm actually saving money by not buying any gas.

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