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Submission + - Tailspin is Turning Tech Recruiting on its Head (

vail130 writes: Tech companies can't find highly qualified candidates for open positions, and job seekers get low response rates on job applications for which they would be great.

Tailspin solves these problems with a job marketplace that allows job seekers to post the jobs they want and employers to invite them to interviews. This approach saves job seekers from doing excessive work to find good opportunities, and it gives employers a place to go to source candidates who want the jobs they need to fill.

Now, job seekers can advertise themselves for the role they want and employers can exercise tighter control and precision in their hiring funnel.

Comment Try before you buy it (Score 1) 928

Well, I have the same questions and been overwhelmed by the same amount of uninformative threads spawning every day so what I did is install one system with systemd in production on non critical system. My experience has been a good one so far and the systemd designs decisions (which people have been complaining a lot about) have not impacted my life as it's user. Another thing to consider, and most haters/fanboys forget, is that it might be the right/wrong option for YOU on YOUR context and it just might not be for another person or on another context.

Comment build an anti corruption layer and start from that (Score 1) 308

Try to create a decontaminated area around the bad code where you have tests, good new code and, specially, confidence on the new stuff you're building. Every time you have to touch the old codebase, try creating new code that replicate the old behavior. If you absolutely need to change the old code be sure to at least cover the affected area with many functional tests BEFORE you change anything. That safety net will make you fell relaxed and confident on your changes. Most developers really love greenfield projects but renewing an old one could be just as rewarding. If you want some hardcore insight on how to handle that, read 'Working Effectively with Legacy Code' from Michael Feathers.

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