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Comment Re:End of Great Britain? (Score 1) 1592

Switzerland political system provides many tools that enforce the power of the citizens, but the Swiss Federal Council ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... ) with proportional representation of the leading parties is also a very important tool that all countries need to avoid concentrating too much power into the hand of a single president or prime minister that get too easily disconnected from the citizens frustrations.

Comment Re:Guns (Score 1) 1718

Switzerland situation is completely different: most of the guns out there are military weapons keep by conscripts soldier (most male citizen up to 34 years old). You can't move on public area with a gun if it's not for a justifiable reason and you are required to take all the safety precautions to do that in addition that have a valid licence. Basically the law make virtually impossible to have legally a gun ready to fire unless in a dedicated safe situation. You can't find guns and munition in so many shops like in the USA.

Crimes with gun and accidents exists in Switzerland and someone that have psychotic instability can still found a hunter gun or a military weapon if he is not detected before, but not as easily as in the USA. This have happened a few time already. If the criminal activity is split apart, the big major part of the cases was related to peoples with severe instability that have lost contact with the reality. We really can't exclude something similar to the Orlando event in Switzerland.

From my point of view the law about gun in Switzerland must be even more restrictive in the sense that the gun license must include a periodic safely and psychological test. An other point is that far far to much videos, TVs, movies, games spreads massive numbers of stories involving guns as the preferred tools to get power in a conflict situation and this is constant since the early life. Finally the number of people in physiological distress have a major impact on the number of intentional gun use against innocents. Peoples over stressed by personal failure in there life are a problem for the whole community: either there get some help to remain stable, either the risk of catastrophic events rise. That part can't be fixed with a gun's law, but that don't invalidate that restrictive gun's law and periodic controls are required to keep a acceptable safety level.

Comment Re:Crab bucket reasons. (Score 1) 1052

You just insulted more than 3/4 of the Swiss citizens. Now keep you emotional down and let's face the reality.

In Switzerland you get a social protection in case you are unable to work. There are many single parent that don't work and live with that. Each child get an allocation, public schools cost almost nothing and are very good. So it's far away from unfair. I can't remember a story abut someone that starve on a Swiss street. I remember the case of a psychotic old guy in Lausanne 15 years ago that lived some months on the street, the police quickly noticed the case and it have taken a lot of time to convince him to get a treatment and to live into a studio. There still exists corner case of medical and/or cultural situation that are difficult to detect and manage, but I never see here peoples in the street like I have see in San Francisco or New York back in 2000 for example. In fact it's part of the problem: more and more strangers learn about the Swiss social system and try to go here. This take a good part of the political process to find balanced way to accept some real refugee, allow cross-country workers as needed, and reject a good chunk of the criminals and abuse of the system. An UBI will simply lead to a complete loss of that control.

Young that don't find work also have some unemployment protection and social protection in case this fail. Unemployed are heavy motivated to learn new skill if there don't find something after 3 month and expense to learn could be negotiated depending on the case. Again an UBI will be the end of this system: the peoples will might get something to live (but maybe not enough if there have expensive treatment), but there will be without professional support that can help them to escape there situation.

Comment Re:Is the systemd problem fixed? (Score 1) 76

What's count even more against systevinit is there total inability to understand and fix there decades long imperfections even when users and maintainers have loudly complained about since so many years !

Even the creation of upstart was not taken seriously by systemvinit fans. It was a full red master alarm: if systemvinit don't move it will be dead in a few years. Systemvinit hasn't moved at all. Enjoy systemvinit death, at least on major Linux distributions.

Comment Re:Is the systemd problem fixed? (Score 1) 76

When your design a embedded system you will be more than happy to have a standard file format to manage all the applications that the system run, including the application provided by the distribution, the applications you code, and the application provided by others parties. This not only make a common language but allow to manage globally all the applications with a simple and powerful tool. Because systemd take care of the dependencies, the reliability is far better and if something go wrong there it's easy to spot the problem by query systemd. I like to emphasis that the most enjoyable aspect is the normalization of the management interface that make all operations independent of the nature of the application to be managed. With systemd you can query the status of everything at once and the report is crystal clear. There no more PID file of lock file insanity. No more abject cron file format that is unable to manage subtle time dependencies. No more abstract number for runlevel with different purpose between distributions. Systemd provides very reliable start, stop, and restart operation because it monitor the application while the vast majority of systemvinit basically only count on assumptions and luck. It's very easy to modify an application to make it able to at least notify systemd about his state and this allow systemd to be far more reliable and efficient.

I was building Linux embedded systemd since near 20 years now, and I have experimented virtually every major way to build them, from custom build scripts, scratchbox 1 and 2, buildroot, openembedded and the like, openwrt, and some commercial solutions too. I now have replaced all of that crap by a standard Debian distribution and this absolutely rock. It's far more easy to manage, to develop, to deploy and it's also more documented, tested and secured. Really it's time to throw away the venerable old school recipes, even if there was good for several previous decades, and to concentrate to the new age of computing where even a watch is incredibly more powerful than the monsters systems that bring life to UNIX near a half century ago. Systemd is part of that change. Wayland too.

Comment Re:With MagLev, Tunnels not needed (Score 1) 220

Seriously, did you have a real working MagLev that is able to operate about 200 trains per days of 3600 ton each at 250km/h on the surface of this mountain:
And the photo was taken on the summer...
Please take the time to spot the electric pylons to understand the situation. And I can assert you that there is no others path that will be more easy to pass the Gotthard on the surface: peoples here have studied this problem since multiple centuries.

Comment Re:Bizzarre opening ceremony (Score 1) 220

Digg a bit more and you will find that for every ceremony concerning the actual Swiss railway tunnels, each using different style, started critics. The previous ceremony in particular was getting critics because it's did not represent the workers and there hard tasks. I understand that.

I feel that to much peoples bound there perception of life to the comfortable artificial view spread by the media and marketing. The ceremony was about building a tunnel deep into a mountain, not about a weekend party on a beach.

Comment Re:Is the systemd problem fixed? (Score 2) 76

Maybe you have the ability to understand all the imperfections of all the systemvinit packages scripts across all the distribution. Kudo to you, because very clearly the vast part of the packages maintainers have given up with systemvinit and applause loudly the huge architectural progress that systemd bring on the table.

As a user and as a embedded system designed I also found systemd far more in line with my expectation about how a system should work. In fact I have see for more than 10 years different embedded systems projects trying to code some features of systemd because systemvinit is basically just a convention that bring almost no feature to manage a system: With systemvinit everything are into the packages scripts and there are not normalized and bring no global nor coherent view of the system.

Comment Re:Switzerland will reject it (Score 1) 1052

I voted against for many reasons:
1) The proposal don't event bring idea on how to get the money to be distributed. The text just let's the government deal with an obligation without any supply to support it.
2) UBI is a massively unsocial concept as people that have unavoidable medical expense will be penalized compared to healthy people. People that already have a difficult life will be obligated to cut medical expense, making par of the population more apart.
3) Simplifying the social bureaucracy also mean less precise and up-to-date statistics about the actual state of the population making the whole political process more inefficient and error prone.
4) Social welfare cost about 1/3 of the Swiss federal budget. This is the most large and sensitive expense position. The require extreme precaution to manage this carefully that is not without cost, but at leas this is managed. UBI basically mean the end of the management and this will be a total fiasco.
5) Less professionals peoples working on social subjects automatically means less opportunity for peoples that need help to talk to a professional. The will spread psychological stress and bad feeling about the society.

Comment Re:Luddites? (Score 1) 1052

Really, what did you know about the Swiss bureaucracy ? What we have learn here is that each social problem need an appropriate solution to be cost effective, because there is continually some peoples trying to abuse the system and some others not able to ask help. This is difficult and need constant monitoring.

UBI is a terrible idea because it don't take in account the welfare of the people. Take for example someone that need expensive medicine for years if not up to his end of life to survive in a decent way. The UBI of this person will maybe not even be enough to pay his treatment, so the UBI will basically left that person to death. Even if this example concern only a fraction of people it's no less horrible. But the same schema apply to far much more people that suffer from moderate problem that require periodical expense for a long time. There will be artificially penalized by the UBI system.

So the UBI is in effect the contrary of a social system: it will increase the penalty of people that need medical care compare to healthy peoples. Don't be stupid: everyone will get older and the vast majority will need to support health care.

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