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Comment NOT a fan of NPROne. (Score 1) 143

Not promoting an app that gives NPR way too much information about viewers listening and usage? Not promoting an app that involves an amazing amount of poking and swiping to get to the content you want? Sounds like a good plan. I prefer listening to NPR more anonymously. I prefer less "curation" (a disturbing term on a bunch of levels) and more choice. We pick which NPR stations to support (and we do support them) and then we listen to their mp3 streams at the bitrates we want to. If we want to listen to podcasts, we have choices and RSS feeds for that, too. NPR One is NOT the solution. Glad to hear less about it.
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Journal Journal: Neck happier.

One of the things that's been bothering me is that the vast abundant 27" iMac screen before me has been low enough I tend to get scrunched down or hunched over when working on a project intently. So I tried raising it up on a wooden bridge I had in the other room—but whoah, too high, I could feel my neck creaking the other way. Then I saw an old busted Nikon slide scanner on the shelf. About 4 inches in the relevant direction...and indeed, with the iMac on it and my chair properly adjus

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Journal Journal: Going to iTunes U

It's always fun to have the college experience without actually having to attend college. That's what I'm experiencing this morning as I listen to a Computer Science class taught at Stanford by a couple of Apple staff developers—the guardians of Cocoa, Cocoa-Touch, and all that NSStuff that is a rich heritage that seems to be
The class homepage is http://www.stanford.edu/class/cs193p/cgi-bin/drupal/ , and this morning's lecture (I'm up to number three) was taught by Alan Cannistraro.


Building a Green PC 190

Kermit writes "Ars Technica has put together a green DIY system building guide. The idea is to build a PC offering decent energy efficiency as well as solid performance. The 'Green Gaming Box' draws about 125W at full load (not including a monitor); the minimalist 'Extreme Green Box' uses a mini-ITX case and a VIA CPU-motherboard combo for about 30W at typical load. If you want to mix and match components, or modify your current system so that it uses less energy, there are plenty of options for swapping out individual components."

Feed Engadget: Purported shots of Canon 5D Mark II surface online (engadget.com)

Filed under: Digital Cameras

Not a whole lot to go on here, but a user on the Digital Photography Review forums has turned up some shots of what appear to be a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR, shots that are made all the more curious by the fact that Canon has yet to announce such a camera. Of course, given that the regular EOS 5D is now getting on in years, it's certainly not out of the question, though we'd hold out for some firmer info before you start pinching pennies to save up for this sure-to-be-pricey bit of kit. Those looking to give it a closer examination can check out a shot of the camera's backside after the break.

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

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Journal Journal: Applescript to make thumbnails and javascript image swaps

I've added to and expanded the Diane Kirkland website (http://dianekirklandphoto.com/)...she's really done some nice images. So, in order to make all this work, I had to learn some javascript that most people would find routine...and then, because I made thumbnails by hand for two of the pages, I got tired of that and cobbled together this applescript (a lot of chunks from Apple's site):

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Journal Journal: RSS and SQLite from the command line.

So there's all this RSS being downloaded and managed in the background in a SQLite database...and my email is being managed much the same way...so why not use command line SQL calls to manipulate the syndication feeds?

sqlite3 ~/Library/Syndication/Database3 "select * FROM Articles WHERE source_id = 80;" | bbedit

Y'know, like that.

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Journal Journal: Into February, tagged and commented.

Another week of fairly serious dabbling in technologies and languages...making RSS and HTML get all parsed and objectified and available for databases and learning how Python can pretty much be wrapped up all pretty in a Mac OS X application.

I've really got to spend some time writing the rest of what is the content of my company site...explaining what the heck it is that I do, explaining why I'm the one to do it, just...explaining.

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Journal Journal: Awash in technologies, brain swimming.

One of my new year's resolutions...not really stated out loud as such, is to take all of these new things I've learned about lately, like Objective-C and Cocoa and RSS and XML and Python and shell scripting and javascript and put them together in some arguably useful ways to create cool stuff for making graphics on television easy and good looking. Yes..that is what I will do! (I tell myself.)
The Internet

Journal Journal: Movable type-ized.

So I threw the big switch and this morning Positively Atlanta Georgia went online powered by the Movable Type cgi/perl thingie engine product dude item.

This is a good thing, I s'pect, although it'll be a good while before I've done enough to get the other stuff that this site contains converted over and it becomes more of a routine event to post a new entry.

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Journal Journal: A CSS layout epiphany!

Well, I got inspired by Dave Shea's Zen Garden pages sufficiently to sit down with GoLive and see what could be done to yank my site out of the morass of tables and cumbersome type tags so I too could breathe the fresh air of Cascading Style Sheet Layout.

Well, this is easier beheld than done.

Wireless Networking

Journal Journal: Direcway + Windows 98 + 802.11 = !

Good thing there was lots of beer and wine available.

Although mostly, I drank root beer.

We went down saturday to a house built in the high country near Pine Mountain, Georgia because our friends had installed Direcway two-way satellite "high-speed" internet...and the way it comes in is to one PC, via a USB connector...and these folks have two machines in their home office plus a laptop. They ran Windows 98.

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