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Submission + - Wesley Snipes Was Almost Geordi La Forge

jbuck writes: "Wesley Snipes Was Almost Geordi La Forge, and Other Star Trek: TNG Casting Fun. In a strong argument for the existence of alternate realities, according to this purported 1987 Star Trek: The Next Generation casting sheet Wesley Snipes was once a front-runner to play Geordi La Forge.

From the article: "The above actors will be brought in to read for Gene Roddenberry starting next week however, Patrick Bauchau did come in and read for Gene today for the Role of "Picard". His reading was well recieved; He and Partick Stewart seem to be favorites for the role of "Picard"...

UPDATE: As for authenticity, LeVar Burton himself (!) confirms:"

Submission + - OSS options for Radio Station Automation software? (

jbuck writes: "I am an instructor in the Professional Communication department at a small liberal arts college in Milwaukee. I am in the process of putting together an online radio station for the college. Aside from all the curricular and political issues we are dealing with, I am determining the hardware and software that will be used to make this station operate. Cost, functionality, ease-of-use, real world transferability and cost are all considerations in choosing the Radio station automation software we will ultimately use. Yes, I'm aware that "cost" is in the list twice- necessarily so. The radio automation software must be able to schedule programming, station ID breaks, pre-recorded sponsor acknowledgments, et cetera. I would like to have rather sophisticated music scheduling options as the station won't always be staffed. I would also like the option of remote management and the option to connect remotely to stream live content. I've looked at Campcaster, DRS2006, OpenFM and a few other packages to schedule and originate programming which (as of right now) I will stream to a Shoutcast server to serve on-campus listeners and the Shoutcast server will send the program to Live365 where it will be available for listeners in the rest of the world. I'll have a dual screen Mac in the station running Ableton Live and Sony Acid for audio editing. I have several older i386 boxes for the station automation software. I would like to use Windows as the OS on these simply because the campus tech support people will support it. If I use Linux as the OS, then I'll get all the calls and I don't really have time for that. However, if the benefit justifies running Linux, I'd consider it. I'll have students auditioning software packages this summer and hopefully we'll be able to select a package by summer's end. What have other radio stations used as station automation software? Are there notable OSS radio software packages that I need to take a look at? How about (inexpensive) closed source packages? Does anyone have experience with Live365? How are people facilitating remote broadcasts? What am I forgetting?"

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