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Comment Re:Sue obviously (Score 4, Insightful) 44

Why would they sue? The DAO wording very clearly states that for all possible purposes including legal ones the code is the contract. Whoever did this, did exactly what the contract stated.

Besides why would people what a smart contract based blockchain currency if the contracts wouldn't be solved by those smart contracts but by a traditional court? Doesn't that defeat the all purpose of the currency? I bet these people are not feeling so "libertarian" right now.

Comment Re:Users Just Expect Computers to "Work" (Score 1) 186

It actually just looks like Microsoft still didn't see that the world is ready to move on from them at the 1st real opportunity and doesn't give a damn.

For instance Visual Studio 2015. You have to update the packages one by one.... manually... and download each runnable install file from the internet. It's absolutely ridiculous, how can anyone use that stuff? They didn't implement that basic feature that's standard in any IDE in Mac or Linux, updating. It's just crazy.

Comment Re:Except: it does (Score 1) 566

Yes, that's why we have much less crime and violent crime in Europe and still don't have capital punishment. I guess it's the same excuse you give to legally penalize drugs in the UAS when in some countries in EU we effectively proved that making its consumption legal is the best way to decrease its use and addiction.

Comment Re:bitcoin (Score 1) 43

We don't they they exist, they do actually and factually exist.

Bitcoin can make 7 transaction per second. Not for 1 person, or one business but for the all world. 7 transactions per second, that's it. Do you really think the world can work with 7 only transactions per second taking place?

More dumbfounding is that, the handful of Chinese miners that control the all bitcoin network (so much for the myth that bitcoin is decentralized), don't allow that value to be changed and not only kept the network locked by their mining power in this scenario, but they went out to DDOS anyone that tried to mine blocks with a different size, taking the internet down in entire towns to do so. (

Comment The right to feel offended (Score 2) 385

The problem in these instances is the one that is attacking all western society since the turn of the century. For some strange reason, people now think they have the right to feel offended and that people that offends them must be shut up

There is this sense of self entitlement fed by the media going around, that if someone says something against any particular aspect of some social justice cause, you deserve some kind of punishment. You are essentially bared from contesting any kind of argument about any aspect of say, feminism, black empowerment, religion and a few other. No matter how idiotic is the specific pro argument for one of those issues, if you point that out, you are automatically dismissed and any public forum will do its best to shut you up.

Comment Re:Tim Cook disagrees (Score 2) 148

Seriously where did you go to get those ridiculous statements? The laws didn't change along the way. Apple thought they found a loophole and tried to exploit it, well, according to the law - i.e. the rulling of the courts - Apple was wrong, though luck. No new laws where passed along the way like you are implying.

Also it's quite interesting that you are taking sides with a bunch of billionaire pricks that hire a battalion of attorneys in order to try and find loopholes to avoid paying taxes while the common man has no way to escape them.

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