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Comment Re:This is not a drone like your kids toy (Score 2) 78

My first thought was someone in Africa can afford a drone?

Is this because you think Africa only has starving children, people living in grass huts and wildlife wandering around on dirt roads? I initially wanted to provide a few enlightening facts and figures, but have decided it is not worth the effort. If this is your view of Africa, one post is not enough to change your very misguided perceptions.

Comment Re:Once the largest cell phone company (Score 1) 77

Does a shell company employee over 50,000 people, generated over Euro 20 Billion in revenue and have a market cap of around $27 billion USD?

Nokia is a 150 year old company. They have been through many transformations from pulp and forestry to rubber, power generation, cable production and telecommunications.

Every phone needs a network to connect to a network. AT&T, Vodafone, Telefonica etc. all invest huge amounts of capital in building these networks. Nokia supplies the core technologies to the phone network operators. Even when they were known primarily for their handsets they were already supplying network equipment.

Comment Re:Operating profit/loss (Score 3, Informative) 156

Do you know much about accounting.


Yes the sale of Uber's China's business would be included.

No it would not. The proceeds of a once off event like selling a subsidiary should not be included in OPERATING profit/loss, which is the $2.8 billion the article refers to. It will however be included in the NET profit/loss.

The CNBC article heading states "Despite China windfall, Uber on pace for 'unprecedented' losses, report says". The word "despite" implies that the operating loss was incurred even though they received a windfall from the sale of the Chinese unit. This is misleading ...

I have done a bit of digging since seeing this and have found that they did in fact make a $2.2 billion NET PROFIT for the quarter, as a result of the sale. Also the rate at which their losses are increasing has slowed because the Chinese unit is no longer contributing to those losses. The CNBC article doesn't make this very clear.

Comment Operating profit/loss (Score 1) 156

I don't understand how the sale of Uber China can make the results look better. The proceeds of a "windfall" should not be included in operating profit/loss. I'm guessing this means the China business was a major contributor to the losses. Perhaps the paywalled article explains it better.

Comment India still behind Kenya in the race to E-Cash (Score 1) 216

The M-Pesa service from Safaricom in Kenya is way ahead. In 2015 it processed 4.1 billion transactions. The value of the transactions represented 42% of Kenya's total GDP. Kenya's population is around 45 million compared to over 1.2 billion in India.

The truth is that the "world’s most developed nations" are not even in the mobile payment race yet, because most people in these countries can get bank accounts. Mobile money solutions are getting very good traction in less developed countries where the only cash alternative for most people is to use a cellphone.

Submission + - Drone smashes through office window ( writes: South African new website The Independent Online reports that a Cape Town man was sitting at his desk on the fifth floor of a building when a drone smashed through his window and hit him on the head. Fortunately he was not injured. The drones camera caught all the action.

Comment Is such an excessive fine called for? (Score 1) 228

Surely the purpose of a fine, or any other punishment, is to discourage similar behavior in future. I did a quick search on SkyPan and it looks like they have already obtained the proper authorization from the FAA (Drone startup issued biggest fine ever for flying without permission). So why hit them so hard if they have already adjusted their behavior? It's probably to set an example, but it seems very excessive for a legitimate company that appears to be adhering to the regulations already ...

Submission + - New Google Logo ( writes: In an effort to make the logo more suitable to be displayed on smaller screens, Google have updated their logo. This must make one wonder what small screens Google have in mind.

Comment Re:Tax dollars at work. (Score 1) 674

I know the overzealous community support officer made this about "abstracting electricity", but let's not get sidetracked by that, because it's not about the cost ...

As the article mentions, the socket is for use by cleaners when the train is in the station. While it is on the move it can switch from one substation to another. When this happens the feed could change phase and there could be a surge, which could damage anything that is plugged in.

The bottom line is that there is a valid reason the sockets should not be used.

Comment Re:Harry Shearer wanted more money (Score 2) 100

The Simpsons franchise generates massive revenue and returns for Fox. This is in no small part because of the "relationship" that viewers from across the globe have developed with the Simpsons characters, which are highly reliant on the well known voices. Harry Shearer does some very distinct voices for characters like Mr. Burns and Ned Flanders. His services are therefore involved in far more than mere talking as you suggest. He adds an immense amount of value and deserves to be well compensated.

This is the same reason other actors, professional sports people, famous musicians etc. make the kind of money they do. They add value ... Besides, $6,000,000 is a lot less than many people at the top of their profession in the corporate world make.

I'm not saying he's a good/bad guy or that he should be paid less/more. All I'm saying is that I would expect someone who is as central to the value creation of the Simpsons to be extremely well paid and think it is entirely justified.

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