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Comment Re:I dont know what all the hate is for (Score 1) 221

But it isn't a continuous run game, at least not by how the first three levels play. if it is then it makes this demo ever worse as it's not only false advertising on price but false advertising on they type of game.

The game does feel like a standard Mario game, the difference is you are always moving forward with no moving backward unless you wall jump/kick. The first three levels are short with the standard flag pole jump at the end.

The issue is it's listed as "Free" but in reality only 1-1 to 1-3 (the first castle is 1-4) are free, everything else requires $14 CDN ($10 US? to unlock). If they would have been up front with the cost it would have gotten much better reviews.

Comment Re:Equal rights (Score 1) 832

In Canada, part of Mat. leave is actually short term disability, the first month I believe. As a father I haven't looked into Pat leave, in both cases for me I just used up vacation time so as not to take a pay hit or take time form my wifes (the government/EI part of mat/pat leave is shared between the couple involved). I'm not sure if it's shorter for men then women. I have no issue with that as there is a fair bit of physical (and emotional) recovery for a women after childbirth that the man won't go through.

Comment Re:BS (Score 2) 82

I doubt most of the owners knew or approved of this, put specific people who worked for the corporation did. They should be the target of criminal charges. Having them go to jail would be a better deterrent then some financial liability spread among the owners.

from the article:

"Excite Mobile directors Obie Brown and David Samuel were also found to have created a fake complaints company"


"The ACCC will further seek injunctions, penalties, costs, and a five-year disqualification for Brown and Samuel from operating a company."

Comment Re:GASP we break the law all the time and no one d (Score 3, Interesting) 400

that's another good distinction.

  I've heard of semi drivers getting multiple tickets on the same stretch of road for going the same speed, once for going too fast, once for going too slow (compared to the rest of the traffic flow). Speeding should be a judgement call, not a fixed thing. Being above the limit by 15% on a nice, dry, sunny summer day isn't as bad as being 15% above on a snowy/icey winter morning/evening. So long as you're not driving like an ass

Comment Re:Just set it to clock speed (Score 4, Insightful) 400

and if they don't pull you over to ticket you, how does it fix the problem? you are ticketed for speeding because someone somewhere has deemed that speed unsafe to yourself and/or others in that location. if you simply ticket, you didn't fix the problem. if you pull them over and ticket, then there is a good chance they will shy away from speeding for a little while.

I know people who've received multiple automated speeding tickets but they didn't get the first one for three days, then they got three more form the same location. Lesson learned, but potentially to late.

Comment Re:NO. (Score 1) 646

Things would be worse without timezones since it's not like everyone will go to have a 09:00UTC - 17:00UTC workday, they'll work based on the local solar time (which is why timezones were invented in the first place). So without timezones you'd have to remember "Let's see... it's 14:00 UTC here now and I just got to work, so is my west coast colleague awake yet? Hmm.. let me look up the sunrise. Oh yes, here it is, his local sunrise is at 14:30UTC so he's probably still in bed, I guess I better call him later. I wonder when he'll get off work...hmm...if sunrise is at 14:30, he probably starts work around 16:30, so maybe he'll be home around 01:30UTC.

Fixing the calendar is hard since (like timezones), years are tied to natural phenomena and 365 is only evenly divisible by 5 and 73. So you could have five 73 day months (plus a leapday), or maybe could go with 13 months of 28 days to give 364 days. Just make the extra 1.25 days a holiday.

But with timezones you still need to work out when your west coast colleague is awake. And the calculation, when you think about it, is much more confusing with timezones.

Also, a lot of people don't work with the sun, particularily since the time of sunrise changes with distance to the equator and time of year, so sunrise and the start of work have very little to do with each other in most parts of the world.

Think of a colleague who might be stuck working in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, time zone is CST (UTC-6h) and they don't use daylight savings. In the middle of the summer there, the sun gets up at about 5AM, in winter not until almost 9AM (the further north you go, the more this effect gets exagerated). If you want to know his office hours then sunrise won't help you all that much. If you know his office hours then you can do have to figure out the difference between your time zone and his, apply it properly and you have you're answer. i.e. If you are in Vancouver, or any other West Coast city then you are MST or MDT (UTC-8 or UTC-7 if day light savings has kicked in). So depending on the time of year you are 1 or 2 hours ahead of them. Now quickly, in your head, if it's 12 noon in Vancouver on Oct 1st, what time is it in Regina.

If you were both in UTC and DST is ignored then it's simply, Regina works 15-23 (24 hour clock), I work UTC-17-1, I can call him any time after 16 before 23.

The other issue, which as a computer geek I see more and more, a lot of departments are not working 9-5 anymore so even with timezones I still need to know the working hours of people in my own time zone.

BTW, by my example, it would be either 1 or 2PM in Regina depending on if DST was in effect in Vancouver.

Did you know, that St. John, Newfoundland, Canada has a time zone of UTC-3:30 (yes, 3 hours 30 minutes) and 2:30 during DST.

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