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Comment Re:Still not as bad as Perkin-Elmer... (Score 2) 133

I worked for Ball Aerospace during this time frame. Before the final packaging for putting the telescope on the rocket, there was supposed to be a final laser alignment test to check the all the components and to make sure everything was alligned properly. (This test would have cost about $50000) But the government told Ball to skip the test as they knew everything was correct. This was done to save money. The Ball team objected but was overruled. The final alignment test was never done and we know the rest of the story. "Saving" that $50000 cost several billion to fix it in space instead of on the ground.

Comment Bahahahahaha (Score 1) 250

I haven't baught a Sony product since the Rootkit fiasco. Looks like they not only didn't learn ANYTHING from that but they continue to show disdain not just for their customers but also for the actors that work for them. They need to go. I honestly don't know why anyone would ever buy their products.

Comment Re:Closed or open... (Score 1) 56

We are using Catalyst drivers to run 4K monitors in our operations center under Xubuntu. They are working great for the operator workstations! I had to get the latest drivers from the AMD site in order to get both the resolution and HDMI sound working but work it does. Love these big 50 inch monitors. No we don't play games we're just keeping the lights on. (Electric utility) We are also running CentOS with Nvidia cards to operate our video wall. Each has 4 Nvidia cards with 4, 4K outputs each to drive 8, 80" custom built Planar monitors acting as a single logical screen. I've had much more problems getting the Nvidia drivers working but Nvidia tech support has been very helpful.

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