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Comment Re:More cooling, then? (Score 0) 401

hahahaha bunch of alarmist, tree-hugging, social justice warriors. so as per mr best, there's another explanation and it actually makes a lot more scientific sense than mr mann. Oh and the anthropomorphic constant (Ac) in that Best equation = 0 or, try this for an even better idea of what is going to happen: plus he has several other explanations, Ac = 0 for those also.

Comment Re:So says the religious guy. (Score 0) 1237

you just do not comprehend faith. You, along with the several billion others of similar 'faith', comprise the mass of humanity that is accelerating our demise into a pit of anarchy fed by radicalism and misguided humanitarianism. You have no awareness of the real need to acknowledge the duality of human nature, and thus you cannot see that we are more than just creatures of reason. Injustice is not that one has more than another; it is that one has more than another and 'reason' is used to take away the inequality without consideration for the concept of 'several property', employing science to destroy morals.

Comment Re:Pots and Kettles (Score 0) 1237

you are on freaking crack. The whole damn mess has been pulled out over the entire friggin political spectrum. The far 'left' of US politics is supposed to be the center of the political 2-D spectrum. the founding fathers, who have crapped themselves many times over already, did NOT want a democracy run by 300 million dumabasses. we need tradition. prescription. class and some morals. not techno-nanny-state-radicalism for the sake of it. idiots.

Comment Re:So says the religious guy. (Score -1) 1237

"Santorum himself is one of the biggest of the ignorant loudmouths on the Republican side at this time. " or in other words Santorum is the current leading candidate for the Republican party, and must be beaten down at all costs. otherwise: ALL PRAISE TO OBAMA. Freakin man-boy god of the universe and all-round cool dude Science builds upon proofs, Religion upon faith. In some instances, such as evolution/creation, although the theory posited by science cannot be invalidated or reconciled with a contrary explanation provided by Judaism/Christianity/Islam, neither can the religious conclusion be invalidated by science, because science cannot prove the supernatural does not exist. Science cannot create or destroy faith. In science the entropy of faith = 0....always. Climate: we are in an interstadial (duh!). And from the looks of predictions ( we aren't going to cool off any significant amount in our lifetime. But an ice age is 'right around the corner'. CO2? Get a grip ya dumbbunnies.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 0) 355

Yes, ignoring laws, going against 60% of the US CITIZENS, imposing a system that raises our costs, not drilling for our own oil but getting it from terrorists....all good stuff, for sure. I still cannot believe over 50 millions idiots voted for him, then I remember that 10 million voted three times for him. If Gibbons were still alive, he'd be writing about us in about 50 years at this rate.

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