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Comment Re:Hey, Children! (Score 0, Insightful) 268

People like you should be shot.

I think you missed the point entirely. It's not that we whine about it being unfair exactly, it's that we like the game.
I also have a good job dickus. I also work 50, 60 hours a week, dickus. And I also can't play the game all the much. But guess what? I still work at getting items and improving my character with what ever time I can afford. If someone offered me an item for some real life cash I'd tell him to stick it, because -- oh oh here's a freaking reality dose for you buddy!! -- it's NOT ABOUT HAVING THE ITEMS, it's about GETTING THEM. It's about PLAYING the GAME, not WINNING it. Life's a JOURNEY, not a DESTINATION ... to shamefully rip off a quote.

People like you take away a bit of the fun in the game, and THAT'S why we're pissed. Because cheaters suck. Period. And yes, I consider something that violates the tos cheating.

I don't even understand your mentality on this: Do you like weilding a big stick? Or you do you like getting the big stick and then weilding it? That sounds like a compensation issue to me bro.
Is it a big deal if you're only lvl 25 with crappy armor? Who cares! The point is whether or not you're having fun!

Hell, I roll new toons all the time because I have more fun at lower lvls, with no cash and crappy armor/weapons/spells.

People like you should be shot.

I hope Blizzard bans you, if you're on WoW.

Ok. I've said my piece. You can Mod me Down now.

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