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Comment Ridiculous Extrapolation (Score 5, Interesting) 374

This is a ridiculous extrapolation; doing the same to health care costs means that health care and education will each be several hundred percent of our GDP in 18 years.

The cost of education is driven by the federal student loan program, the expansion of middle management, and the development of luxury dorms and gyms. I think it's transparent that such costs cannot continue to expand at the same rate for the next 18 years.

Comment Re:Making shit up. Ca Air Resources Board (Score 1) 150

Real classy, attack the person, not the claims.

CARB says: "The manufacturer of replacement electronic ignitions determines which of their models are considered replacements for original equipment. These replacement electronic ignitions are then listed by vehicle year, make, model and engine size in the manufacturer's catalogue. Electronic ignitions or electronic point replacement units for vehicles not originally equipped with these items require an Executive Order to be legal for street use. Swapping electronic ignitions from different years, engines, or makes is illegal."

And I stand corrected on flam test. But if we're honest, in aviation, $40 and $1000 is just a rounding error.

How about my other two examples?

Comment Re:lol TOO perfect. That's for blind piloting by G (Score 2) 150

Here, I'll play.

Let's talk about tinting windows. In California, you can tint a car's back windows and rear window with whatever you want. Front passenger windows have to have at least 70% transparency. No approval necessary. What does it take to get an STC to put window tint on an aircraft?

Let's talk about engine systems. In California, you can replace an ignition system with another ignition with any system designated as valid by the manufacturer of that ignition system. Go look at the ElectroAir electronic ignition STC: you still need a magneto system, and that STC was probably quite expensive to get.

Let's talk about upholstery. In California, there appears to be no regulation on upholstery for car interiors. The FAA requires certain fire resistance, and the lab testing is apparently around $1000.

Let's talk about carriage for hire. In California, Uber and Lyft appear to operate without regulation. The FAA would nail you requiring an Air Carrier certificate (Part 135) if you did what they did in aviation.

Comment Re:Fees (Score 1) 525

Yep, those reviews are useless. Now if there were only a legal way to listen to songs before I bought them. Maybe if some companies would help out by paying money (or receiving money) to broadcast music on radio frequencies. They could encode the data by modulating the frequency of a carrier, and use a center frequency between 87.5 MHz and 108 MHz. Of course, that'd require a centralized agency to dole out that frequency to minimize interference, some people to do enforcement, maybe they'd have to sell advertising to pay their bills... nah, too much infrastructure.

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