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Comment Re:Klingons (Score 1) 247


61,286.634 earth years pass for the Defendant at rest for every 24 hours a Copyright Lawyer travels at 0.999999999999999 c.

Currently the US life expectancy is around 78.2 years. It will probably be much less after the Klingons invade so, worse case scenario, lets assume that's 0. But, there is still the additional 70 years after the creator's death!

This means that an interstellar copyright's duration is 4,290,064.38 earth years minimum. More if the copyright holder is among the survivors of the initial alien invasion.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 622

You can make PHP scream every mistake to the output buffer with the following.

Within code if you can't change php.ini
ini_set('error_reporting', E_STRICT | E_ALL); // or error_reporting( E_STRICT | E_ALL );
ini_set('display_errors', 1);

Or within php.ini

Comment Re:Oh Lord. (Score 1) 506

Malice? No. Cynical amusement? Maybe. Like I posted, I saw myself 20 years ago so my post was directed at me as well. After all, I didn't call you "Crash Gordon" did I?

First: You invent an image of to justify your position and also associate that image with me to devalue my response. The truth couldn't be further from reality. The indirect ad hominem does nothing to support your position.

Second: How we reacted is very different. You see a vehicle as a means to get from point A to B. That's probably the only value you see in it so you are not going to invest more time in a endeavor than is required. Other people actually enjoy driving and are willing to invest more time than the minimum requirement. I fall in the latter of the two. This difference between us shows because there is one very important thing you left off your list. Arguably the most important because it can have an affect on everything else on the list. That is: Don't overestimate your ability as a driver. A point you seemed to have completely missed with your boast.

There is something I'm curious about. Why did you feel the need to announce to the world the type of car you drive? What purpose did it serve to make your point?

Comment Re:Oh Lord. (Score 1) 506

I'll bet you $1000 I can drive faster AND safer in my 2010 impreza than you can in your 89 civic, so why should the statistic for the speed limit for the civic apply to me?

Wow... It's like I'm looking at myself in a mirror. Only 20 years ago when I had more testicles than brains and my friends nicknamed me "Crash Gordon".

So, have you experienced that moment yet? You know, the slam on the breaks, sphincter tightens so much you'll swear you've ripped the leather off the seat, stomach leaps up to give your tonsils a goodbye hug, type moment. Induced by the "bet you $1000 I can drive faster AND safer" attitude combined with a wall of red break lights. Reminding you about statistics in the sense that you are about to become one.

If you have, did you laugh it off? Blame the "idiot" driver ahead of you? Or perhaps both?

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