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Comment Re: Uber, uber, uber, uber (Score 1) 257

I dont think self driving trucks would replace truck drivers either they still need some one in the truck to deal with the possible break downs of the vehicle or elf driving system or any other unpredicted situations and they would need some one to handle the paper work when the truck pick up and drop off their loads

Comment Not yet (Score 1) 335

With proper time and development of software and hard ware they could be able to not only correctly decide when its nessary to kill a human but do it far more accuratly and consitantly then humans ever could. the quetion is whether we are willing put the enormous amount of time in to developing the tech to the point its that reliable before using it and even if we do will we as a society will beable to trust the tech even when it becomes super reliable.

Comment Hummers? (Score 1) 554

I cant understand why anyone would want a hummer. Though i guess my opinion on the matter is skewd do to the fact that i spent many uncomfortable hours in military humvees and now I will forever hate them

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