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Comment Re:Override available? (Score 1) 549

so I have a beer or two and am just over the limit where the car won't start anymore, but then suddenly space aliens with anal probes arrive

And one tells the other, "Lookit Bubba, 'dis one's drunk already. Let's get him."

As for your other two examples, your car can fail at any time. I don't know about the reliability of the proposed devices, but I'm not sure people blame auto makers when the car needs to be started and it won't for some reason (dead battery, whatever).

Comment Re:Move to quantified data (Score 1) 271

I don't know enough about stock exchange (well, essentially nothing actually), so please correct me if I'm wrong. But people would be finding a way around "inversely proportional tax". For example, a company buys stocks and holds on to them indefinitely, and the clients to that company would just negociate with the company itself who would be holding onto the stocks, with the frequency of their choosing. I've not thought this through, but RIGHT NOW (I admit I might be wrong) it seems that this way you eliminate that taxation factor.

Comment No moar fuud (Score 1) 343

Simply stop selling and sending food to New York. When people begin starving, the most resourceful will look for food in trash. When they meet competition from the pesky critters, they'll kill them and even feed on them. Finally, when the possum problem is controlled, they can send food back into New York. Next, they can finally start thinking about how to deal with the rat problem appropriately!

Comment Re:Thanks for the geographical help! (Score 1) 368

For us non-USA folk, could you Americans give us geographical guidance when referring to US states,

Why would they want to do that? Slashdot is hosted there, as so as the host of TFA. For what reason would they want to describe New England (or another state) in detail for non-USA folks? It makes as much sense as describing Portugal that way in Portuguese-held media.

Comment Re: Uranium mining in Portugal (Score 3, Informative) 368

Portugal exported some uranium ore to Iran during the early 1980s, ammounting to close to 300 tons. However, its mines have been abandoned since late 1980s to early 1990s. From :

Iraq procures "yellowcake" uranium from Portugal, Niger, and Brazil.

However, its mine have been abandoned since late 1980s to early 1990s, mainly because of economic viability and not as much as from puny environmentalist concerns as claimed:

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