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Recently Discovered Habitable World May Not Exist 231

sciencehabit better let Greg Dean know that "Two weeks ago, U.S.-based astronomers announced the discovery of the first Goldilocks planet circling another star: just the right size and just the right temperature to harbor alien life. But yesterday at an exoplanet meeting in Turin, Italy, Switzerland-based astronomers announced that they could find no trace of the prized planet in their observations of the same planetary system."

Comment Re:Well shit (Score 4, Insightful) 401

Sure, but what you fail to realize that the psychology is the entire problem! People enjoy being rewarded, they dislike being penalized. Therefore, people enjoy WoW's experience system, and dislike FFXIV's system, even if they result in the same net experience point total.

WoW has done this for all of its existence - making players feel rewarded, and minimizing penalties for death, mistakes, etc. Look where it is now.

Comment Re:A naive question (Score 1) 306

What we have here is a failure to standardize on one signal, and one type of signal processor.

Fortunately, it looks like most everybody is going to make the switch to similar tech with the future jump to LTE, including most of the largest US carriers - AT&T, VZW, T-Mo, etc (Source). I'm personally very excited about the prospect of one phone working on any carrier, because they'd have two choices - lock customers down so hard they CAN'T move, or actually compete with each other like real companies.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 322

First of all, Android doesn't use Java. It uses a subset of Java APIs, and its syntax. It's VM is called Dalvik, and does not execute Java bytecode, but is all its own.

Anyways, the VM model for Android is a fantastic idea, and I'll tell you why. Easy to develop for and hardware agnostic. This allows Android to easily do exactly what it is doing right now - taking over the mobile OS market (Ahem). Google has the muscle to ram it down carriers' throats, and they are ramming with gusto. It's a pretty damn easy sell to manufacturers too. They're offering an enterprise-quality, easily deployed mobile OS, scalable to nearly any device, FOR FREE? Also, you can modify whatever the hell you want about it. What self-respecting businessman would ignore that offer? HTC, for example, is taking huge advantage of Android's openness with its Sense UI and countless apps, widgets, and such. Sure, a VM model is certainly slower, but is it worth it? Absolutely.

Also, Google recently released a Native Development Kit for Android. So, now you can have ARM apps, hooray!

Comment Re:A great reason to choose Firefox (Score 2) 202

It sounds like the root flaw actually lies in your own login implementation. I guarantee that IE is capable of handling sessions. If you have a website that makes you money, you should realize a couple points: First, most of your userbase runs IE. Having the site unusable in said browser is very bad. Second, special casing code for IE is a fact of life in the web development world, and you should just get used to it.

Comment Re:Not News!! (Score 5, Insightful) 843

Out of curiosity, how exactly do you verify that you are infection free without a scanner? Sure, you probably don't have anything overt, like a botnet hijack, but what about less obvious things like rootkits?

You should probably take your magical ninja virus detection powers and do some consulting for those poor bastards who run Norton....

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