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Comment New boss - your content will play in 30...29...28 (Score 1) 567

There are literally thousands of brilliant rock/pop groups in the world - as to why they don't make the money and circulation and distribution they should? It's a complete mystery to me.

P2P is absolutely not helping things though. Way to many casual music fans "check out" lots of music, buy very little and then keep what they've "borrowed" permanently. Most good indie records can be streamed for free in its entirety for a limited time. A perfectly reasonable middle ground to give people the opportunity to hear the album.

I like mog though (it's worth the 5/month to not hear ads on spotify) and then when I like something I buy the physical product (either LP or CD)


Comment so much good music coming out - last thing I care (Score 1, Interesting) 382

so much good music coming out - last thing I care about is these sound subtleties.

My favorite music medium to purchase now is this whole thing where you buy the vinyl and get an mp3 download code. I don't even own a record player but i get the tangible product which is undeniably satisfying and then the convenience of digital. It works out to be like $2 more than on itunes or the CD.


Comment Cue the "there's no good music" ignoramuses (Score 1) 222

I stand on three pillars here:

1. There's lots of good new music (and undiscovered old music)
2. You shouldn't steal music unless that band, label and publisher all are OK with it (in which case it's not really stealing)
3. I still buy physical CDs because the selection is better, I like the packaging, i'm slightly anal about the whole lossless thing, and it usually doesn't cost any more than buying a download.

Comment Re:Comcast is blocking access to wikileaks (Score 1) 715

This was meant to be sarcastic.

My point was that although on the fringes, (mastercard, paypal, amazon, DNS, legal trouble for leakers etc) that the leaks are facing challenges, that in *any meaningful way* nothing is being suppressed.

The mainstream media corporations running all over the world are reporting everything that there is to report.

There is no information war here.

Comment Is there any doubt that we have free speech? (Score 1) 191

For all of the conspiracy stuff out there - and I happen to be opposed to the public release (especially the poison pill encrypted, unredacted torrent - holding others hostage because you are too cowardly to stand up for what you believe) it is pretty remarkable that this has all been released.

So the current government is speaking out against the leaks - and using *legal* powers to defend itself - I just am not that incensed.


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