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Comment Re: Huh? (Score 1) 514

That's the common problem about Turkish diaspora. Most are uneducated rural people (or descendants of them) who had migrated to Europe right after WW2 as cheap work force. Culturally they have never lived in urban Turkey so have failed to integrate into Europe, lost in-between, having their conservative roots about religion as their sole savior.

I was always curious about why Europeans hate us Turks as much and why they find it difficult to believe when an educated and well-behaved individual identify him/herself as a Turk. When I first visited Europe for business and saw those people stuck in-between, especially in Germany and Austria, I understood.

When this hit the news in Turkey, everybody I know has laughed, got angry with the diaspora for showing us as "sick, crazy people obsessed about ourselves" and turned the page.

Comment Re:running it (Score 3, Informative) 92

The latter. It is the new Aero-like ICS UI switcher and is very smooth. I think it may be utilizing some kind of hardware acceleration which used to be missing in GB. The web browser is ultra-fast, like Opera and Galaxy S II's optimized browser.

By the way, if I'm not mistaken, face unlock is missing. Couldn't find it anywhere in the settings.

Submission + - Diversity Lottery Declared Void due to Algo Glitch (state.gov)

jayminer writes: "Results for United States Diversity Visa Lottery for 2012 are declared void due to a programming glitch in the random selection algorithm.

At first, the results have been published as promised on May, 1st. Then, on May, 6th, the results were withdrawn with the web site claiming to experience "Technical difficulties". Today (May, 13th), it is declared that the results are invalid due to an algorithm glitch, the computer program has been fixed and the lottery will be re-run. The final results are expected to be published in July, 15th.

Details in US Department of State Web Site."


Submission + - Why Nokia Is Toast (computerworld.com) 1

CWmike writes: It's hard to remember now, but there was a time when Finland was at the center of the cell phone universe. No more. Nokia is being killed by complexity. Along comes Microsoft with Windows Phone 7, delivering more complexity. My view is that Microsoft doesn't matter, writes Mike Elgan. Although Windows Phone 7 is a way better operating system than Symbian, Nokia's problem isn't Symbian, and the solution isn't Windows Phone 7. Nokia's problem is that it follows the losing strategies of the other losers in the market, and rejects the only two known winning strategies. There are way too many Nokia phones. This causes either choice paralysis, sending buyers screaming to Apple for relief, or buyer's remorse. Nokia should take the advice Steve Jobs gave to Nike CEO Mark Parker: 'Just get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff.'

Comment Re:Diesel (Score 1) 570

Although while the cost per gallon of diesel is higher

In Europe, cost of producing Diesel fuel is 0.5 cent higher compared to gasoline but consumer prices are lower.

For example, in Germany:
1.423 EUR/liter (Gasoline)
1.224 EUR/liter (Diesel)

Keep in mind that a Euro-Diesel engine option adds a minimum of 2000 EUR ($2800) to the car price.

Comment Pretty neat. (Score 4, Informative) 284

Tried on Windows, performance improvements are immediately noticeable. Wastes less screen space by default. For those who are used to the old look-and-feel can feel a little awkward at first.

Set extensions.checkCompatibility to false and you're good to go.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 182

Definitely. I had applied for Mortgage in Bank A and transferred all my money from Bank B to Bank A.

It was Friday, the mortgage money would arrive on Monday so I would go and buy the house with the combined cash.

Bank B said it transferred the money already, but Bank A didn't credit my account, so I phoned the bank branch. They asked for my account number and said "Oh yeah, sorry, we are just processing your transfer and crediting your account". It was 5 minutes to end of work day.
If I hadn't called, I would have missed the 2 day interest for my own money (Yearly interest rate was 14% in my country, so it made sense).

Submission + - Cyber Attack Test Destroys Power Plant Generator (cnn.com) 1

Somegeek writes: CNN has revealed that there was a test performed in March 2007 where the Department of Homeland Security evaluated what a cyber attack could do against a power plant. The attackers in the classified test were able to take control of the plant's control software and modify the settings of a large generator to the point where it self-destructed. The story relates that until then, they had always believed that the worst that could happen was that attackers would be able to turn something off. An economist looked at a scenario where a third of the US was without power for three months due to destroyed power plant equipment and put a price tag on the massive attack at 700 billion dollars.

They have been working on fixing the vulnerabilities that they found at power plants across the country, but how many other plant control systems need to be fixed? Is it possible to look at severing all computer connections between plant control systems and all other networks and expect them to still function?

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