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Comment Re:I will be doing one thing about it. (Score 1) 412

Interesting fact: "Telephone sanitizer" is actually a euphemism for toilet cleaner. The term came about when indoor plumbing was popularized. Women who couldn't afford servants but still had money would hire out people to come in and clean their toilets. Nobody wanted a truck parked outside of their house that had "WC cleaner" written on it, so one enterprising businessman put "Telephone Sanitizing" on the side of his truck, which implied that these middle class housewives had adopted another new technology: the telephone. Thus, a euphemism was born.


Comment Re:Something we should add... (Score 1) 263

Get enough Asshole stickers and you get a ticket.

Also, give enough Asshole stickers and you get a ticket. My anecdotal evidence suggests that the people who complain the most about bad drivers tend to be pretty terrible drivers themselves. That would mean that the ones going crazy giving out tickets would likely be causing the other drivers around them to seem like they are driving poorly.

Comment Re:All of those studies are the same (Score 1) 380

Point for point, you are wrong. Pro-gaming culture is nearly the same in South Korea as sports culture is in many other parts of the world. In the US, many kids play sports outside, or at least they have until video games started replacing physical games as the "normal" pastime, there, they play Starcraft. In the US, we have entire channels devoted to sports. In Korea, they have entire TV channels devoted to Starcraft. In the US, we have cheerleaders at our events, in Korea they have pop singers at their events. Here, we have our favorite teams which we live and die with. There, they have their favorite players from favorite teams that they live and die with. Also, replace "beer" with "energy drinks" and you can make the same arguments for video games in general.

Your entire post comes across as pathetic whining because you were(maybe are) one of the kids who got picked on by the jocks.

Comment Re:Slashdot Bias shows through (Score 1) 207

I haven't been around Slashdot too much lately, but I thought that most pharmaceuticals were well-hated around here, especially the ones for over-diagnosed illnesses like depression and ADHD.

That said, I also hate the marketing schemes of "It's good because it's natural" and "It's good because it's not made by a giant pharmaceutical company." Because so many folk medicines use those gimmicks, I tend to shy away from them.


Submission + - Tech giants go to war... in StarCraft II (

jayme0227 writes: It's a common sight for technology companies to attack each other publicly, but rarely does it spill over from the courtrooms and press into another realm. A new battleground has emerged for Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Yelp, and Zynga, however: StarCraft II.

Comment Re:And the TL streams.... (Score 1) 122

This is a valid point. Tens of thousands watch tournament games every single night, whereas you'll be hard pressed to find streams that reach 5K viewers. Even the ones that do often feature players who discuss the game and their decision making which provides an alternate avenue for entertainment than just watching with excitement while waiting to see if the Protoss saw the medivac or if the Zerg will respond to the Dark Templar in time.

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