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Comment Re:An election this close? (Score 1) 124

I think the race is close, but the percentages are probably fixed. In short, Obama will likely win because certain groups would never not vote for him. Most women, the huge majority of blacks, Hispanics (other than Cubans) and union voters will simply vote for him because they won't vote for a Republican. The Republicans have their own base that will not budge either. There are independents, but they have probably already decided too, or are staying home.

In short, the Democratic base is likely to be slightly bigger than the Republican one, so the Democrats will win, but the actual percentages will be close in an absolute sense

Which really means it will depend on where the "majority" comes from. Remember, in this country we do NOT vote for president - we vote for electors who vote for president (the Electoral College). A "majority" does not guarantee a win.

Comment Re:Nuke it from orbit (Score 4, Interesting) 547

For a Mac or Linux machine, I run a dd from /dev/urandom into a file until it crashes (that way apps are still "ok" .. but a reimage is an option, too).

For Windows, I either reimage myself, or erase/uninstall everything and then run a simple script to dump 1s into a file till it crashes.

If you're really worried people are going to be poking around your laptop, don't use it for personal work. It IS a work machine, after all.

If you "need" to use the work machine for personal work, do it in a VM. You can move the VM off later, and then just overwrite that part of the disk on the host.

Comment Re:WWWBD? (Score 1) 267

Thing is, in the Cayman islands you still pay taxes, just not income taxes. The people who use it as tax haven only exist there on paper so they avoid both the income taxes and the taxes involved with living there,.. though they also do not consume any resources there either. So for people who actually live there the tax burden (and services) are pretty comparable to the US.... but all people outside the territory see is 'no income tax' and make all sorts of examples from there.

And if you're a US citizen, you're still taxed federally based on how you make and where

Comment Re:heh (Score 3, Insightful) 1091

My experience is that Windows is missing lots of features. No SSH support; no support for filesystems other than NTFS and FAT; no low level disk tools (dd); poor NFS support; doesn't come with a decent text editor.... I could carry on, but you get the idea.

fwiw, most people just do not care about what filesystem they run on. It doesn't matter to the vast majority of end-users. For that matter, it doesn't matter to an awful lot of the server world, either - if it really did, Window Server would not have the footprint in enterprise computing that it does.

While I'd love to have something like ssh for Windows standard, the fact of the matter is that Windows is a GUI environment, and ssh access to that just doesn't make sense - especially when compared to RDP (which, btw, is quite secure).

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