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Submission + - Why I Don't Use The JVM (

jaydonnell writes: "The programming world has been abuzz about the JVM and all these new JVM languages the past few years. I'm a long time rubyist and a lisp weenie, and two of the most popular alternative JVM languages are JRuby and Clojure (a lisp). They are both great langauges, I've done large projects in both, and I really want to love them. But I can't, and it's not their fault, it's the JVM."

Comment i'll never buy another motorola phone (Score 0) 208

I bought a droid X2 not too long ago and it's been a terrible experience. The phone is very sluggish despite having a dual core processor. Starting the camera takes so long that I often don't even try cause it's faster to ask my wife for her iphone and use it. It's also taken them a long time to push out Android updates and I have no idea if they'll ever push out ice cream sandwich for it. This last bit isn't motorola's fault, but the UI is terrible on android.

Comment Re:Idiot (Score 1) 745

You're moving the goal posts. Shale oil is not the drilling you were talking about before, and yes we can estimate how much oil is there. How do you think oil companies decide where to drill? Do you think they drill in random places then see how much oil is there? Regarding shale, it's more expensive to extract and more destructive. Whether we make that trade off or not is a different question, but it has nothing to do with your original argument.
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Submission + - Paypal account frozen for making Wikileak donation ( 3

kaptink writes: Reddit user 'hellokevin11' blogs:

"I go to log into my business account, and it's locked. The girl on the phone told me it's because my account handles a large amount of money (it's a biz account), I recently sent a lot of money ($4000) overseas, and I also sent money to wikileaks. My account is being investigated for illegal activities and I have to account for what the money was used for. They want invoices and such."

I've been blacklisted as well. "This account has been permanently locked. All information associated with this account has been blocked from the PayPal system and cannot be registered with another account."


Submission + - Apache Walks Out Of JCP: So What? (

itwbennett writes: As reported here yesterday, Apache has resigned from the JCP Executive Committee. But to what effect? 'It seems to remove the ASF's Java-related projects from the official Java banner--but that's a bit of a moot point, since Project Harmony wasn't officially compliant to begin with,' says blogger Brian Proffitt. All the resignation really seems to do is follow through on the threat ASF leaders made in early November, says Proffitt.

Submission + - Java 7 and 8 Approved - Apache Set to Fork? (

darthcamaro writes: The Executive committed of the Java Community Process has approved the technical specifications for Java 7 and Java 8. Not all members voted for the specs, among the most vocal opponents was the Apache Software Foundation that may now soon be leaving the JCP.

"The way we look at it now, Oracle is preventing us from demonstrating the compatibility of Apache Harmony," Geirr Magnusson said. "Oracle is now ensuring that we can’t prove compatibility, although it our sincere intention and desire to do so."

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