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Comment Learn Anywhere (Score 1) 705

I think it's a great idea to add this to a school's required course. I was fortunate enough to grow up with a computer in the early 80s and being only about 6 or 7 years old my dad made me learn to type with a simple program in DOS. It was probably the best thing he has ever made me do in my life!

Comment WoW & Spore (Score 1) 346

I often find myself wandering around in circle in Dalaran while just chatting on vent. The time could be spend fishing, mining, or doing anything else, but it's nice to just do nothing sometimes. On a more in-depth note, if you haven't checked out Spore for some time-wasting, I suggest you do. The amount of customization in the game is unreal. I can spend hours just creating a space ship custom to my liking that I get to fly around with in space and explore thousands of star systems with!

Cheap, Cross-Platform Electronic Circuit Simulation Software? 211

dv82 writes "I teach circuits and electronics at the undergraduate level, and have been using the free student demo version of OrCad for schematic capture and simulation because (a) it comes with the textbook and (b) it's powerful enough for the job. Unfortunately OrCad runs only under Windows, and students increasingly are switching to Mac (and some Linux netbooks). Wine and its variants will not run OrCad, and I don't wish to require students to purchase Windows and run with a VM. The only production-quality cross-platform CAD tool I have found so far is McCad, but its demo version is so limited in total allowed nets that it can't even run a basic opamp circuit with a realistic 741 opamp model. gEDA is friendly to everything BUT Windows, and is nowhere near as refined as OrCad. I would like students to be able to run the software on their laptops without a network connection, which eliminates more options. Any suggestions?"

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