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Journal jawtheshark's Journal: Reminiscence XP 6

As I said in my previous journal entry, I'd install Windows XP Home (OEM) in a Virtual Machine today in order to commemorate the death of XP. I documented it with screenshots. Yes, I know, it's Facebook album, but it's public. It was the quickest way to get something online.
From VM creation and installation from SP3 OEM ISO to fully patched in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Not all that shabby.
It also indicates that XP will most likely die totally when they turn off the activation servers. I don't think they'll hand out the promised "no activation patch", ever. (Well, I always heard they'd promised such a thing, it might simply be legend.)
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Reminiscence XP

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  • ...yeah, if I've gotten a slipstreamed install disc with SP3 on it, I could have saved myself a lot of time when I did the same experiment. *shrug*

    Out of interest, which version of IE did it have after install completed? I see you were prompted to upgrade to IE8, but my memory is hazy on whether IE7 was ever included on later XP install discs.

    • Well, the first thing any serious IT person does after a service pack is slipstream it. So, really, you've only got to blame yourself on this one.

      It was IE8. You start off with IE6, even after slipstreaming. I think. I didn't bother testing. I could try another day. I already killed the VM.

      • Well, as I'm a Mac person these days, I've swapped out those sorts of issues for the ones that Apple produce. ;) About the only thing I really miss from Windows is the certainty of knowing when the next lot of security updates are due - at the moment, they're so slack they make Adobe look on-the-ball.

        • I'm a Linux person. Doesn't mean I don't keep myself informed about Mac matters and Windows matters. Sure, I openly tell people I will not support them if they are on Windows *any* version. Get OS X or Linux and I'll help you. Otherwise find someone else.
          • by kesuki ( 321456 )

            for a long time i was down to one laptop. it did dual boot win7/ubuntuLTS i once went 2 months without booting to windows. somehow i talked myself into buying more modern computers. it was a mess, linux didn't boot right, so they all wound up as windows machines, with one exception, the one i'm typing on right now. i needed an os that could verify if usb thumbdrives were clean of viruses and linux was my first choice. anyways i understand the hate of windows. i was spending hours formatting and reinstallin

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