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Journal jawtheshark's Journal: Is strangling coworkers really illegal? 7

I was at the datacenter today, my Boss knew that and he was out of office too today. I needed to know something from the office, so I called this morning, but I got a weird signal. I logged into the asterisk server, did several tests, but incoming calls never seemed to arrive.

To be sure, I decided to call a coworker on their personal cellphone, to do some extra tests. I went from coworkers I like to, coworkers I like "less", and the quotes are there with good reason. Alas, the only one I could reach was in the "less" catergory. I explained the situation, and asked him to try to call me on my cell from an office phone and if that didn't work send me an SMS. I also told him what I would do in case it didn't work: call the disturbance line. As expected, he sent me an SMS... Thus, I called the disturbance line and for me the job was done. Nothing more I could do.

This afternoon, message from my boss in "annoyed" tone that the people at the office have had no phone the whole afternoon and that I should look after it when I was done at the datacenter.

So, I'm the guy who noticed the problem, notified my coworkers, took care of the problem as far as I could... First thing in the morning, not just "whenever I have time", but I'm all at fault.

That certain coworker most certainly didn't tell my boss that I did call him and did explain the situation and was taking care of it. He's a bitching piece of whining little ass, I tell you. Same guy who complained about having a desktop (with two nice 21" monitors) and not a laptop (never mind he really doesn't need one.)... finally getting a laptop and wanting to keep the two 21" monitors additionally to the laptop screen. When I wanted to take back one monitor he bitched and moaned and told me the boss said he could. Turned out, the bossman didn't say that. He still got a nice deal, as he got a 23" monitor now for his laptop.

Apparently, with abroad developers he told them (on his first day, never mind): "Show me the datamodel of your database, and I'll improve performance before the afternoon". Ehm, even if that were true (and from what I heard, it wasn't), that's not something you say to your cowokers on your first day.

In my whole career, I have only met one other coworker that could annoy me just by his presence.... That's in over 12 years of active service.

Sorry for the rant, had to let it out.

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Is strangling coworkers really illegal?

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  • I feel you man. People sure can suck.
    • The real problem is, when you finally get to the point where you confront them with it, they act all surprised because, after all, you put up with it for so long. Despite anything and everything you said - because these types have VERY selective hearing. And a memory to match.

      You can't strangle them, but you CAN find ways to relieve the stress. Crazy glue and pennies work wonders.

      Or plug in a second wireless keyboard receiver (most people don't know that you can use more than one keyboard at a time),

        • Very nice! And since a lot of people now have screens with usb hubs built in, and plug their keyboard and mouse in there to help clean up cable clutter, you can plug it in there, and nobody will think of looking for it (and you don't have to scrounge under the desk to plug it in or retrieve it).

          Then get out the BOfH excuse chart - "Must be (column 1) electgromagnetic interference from (column 2) static build-up caused by (column 3) your cheap underwear. You'll have to wear this grounding strap. And take

  • is a game i don't play.

    Life is too short and work not important enough to waste my life on petty stuff.

    I just try and ignore it and move on.

    Backed into a corner without any other recourse I will engage in Office Warfare. Just the (documented) facts in a semi-"public" forum with the enemies boss present. Only had to go there twice in however many years I have been working.

    I learnt from the best. Boss at the time had a request/demand to cut costs from the Finance people. So she cut the service they were u

  • Of the four types of homicide: Criminal, Excusable, Justifiable, and Praiseworthy.

    They will eventually get their comeuppance. Eventually...
  • Stress: the confusion created when one's mind overrides the body's basic desire to choke the living s#!7 out of some a-hole who desperately needs it.

    I'd say in Dilbertville, doubly so.

Over the shoulder supervision is more a need of the manager than the programming task.