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Journal jawtheshark's Journal: New design 7

First impression was "Looks Nice". Let's see the next days how the real usability is. It may also make it easier to use on cellphones. Posting didn't work on Opera Mini, until a few months ago. I really should test.

Anyway, it looks like they did a good job this time. I know it's custom to complain about any changes.. :-)

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New design

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  • by arb ( 452787 )

    Looks slightly better, but then you look a lil closer and you see that it is even more broken than the old layout. Why do I get Edit/Delete JE links for everyone's journal entries? Why are these links coming up as nasty-assed text links instead of a small icon? Why does the topic icon obscure part of the JE? Why do I have to scroll all the way down the page to find the "Write in journal" link?

    Bah! It's like putting lipstick on a pig.

  • I mean REALLY broken. All the boxes are shoved to one side. I guess their "CSS foo" is weak ...

    Maybe we can convince them that the usenet look is coming back.

    • That's actually fine with me... 's how CSS is supposed to work, no? On mobile phone browsers, I get it all the time. Annoying, but it's really CSS fault. Look at how hard it is to make a standard 3-column layout without tables or using fixed pixels for width (which was a gripe of yours in a recent journmal, now wasn't it?). Now, what irks me is that resizing your fonts breaks the layout... That's not good. My eyesight isn't good enough for thses small fonts.

      • It's partly the fault of CSS, and partly the fault of "designers" who want to control every single bit of layout, rather than give up any control to the user.

        Looking through the settings, it's obvious they're doing this to cater to mobile and tablet users - but doing it the wrong way. Then again, most "designers" should be shot. They don't let the data dictate the design, then wonder why everything is b0rked every time they ask for an "oh-so-small" change.

        • Can't agree more... It is horribly slow on Epiphany, which is what I use at work when I want to post as jawtheshark. Doesn't happen all that much, but well, it's Ephiphany. Who uses Ephiphany, right?

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